2 years ago
San José, CA, USA

Yo, im thinking of speedrunning this game but i dont see any rules describing true any% or all episodes, can someone write the rules there? thanks

Queensland, Australia

True Any% (thank god this aint 15 hours) Timing Starts on Epsiode 1 Selecting the Amount of Players usually 1. Timing Ends Upon Hitting Enter while on the credits to exit out of the main menu. this is for the pc catagory. would you like to know the console or ds catagory rules?

San José, CA, USA

console please

Queensland, Australia

Timing starts upon choosing if you want to know the instructions or not Timing ends the same as PC Also can you start episode 73 early while hovering over either episode 1 or the DLC episodes that are right below episode 73 and hitting up and a to somehow start it?

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@everyone Unfortanatly. The Jackbox Speedrunning Server has been Deleted. The Resean i am doing this is due to how rude most members in this server are and i therefore want to move away from it. as such. the rules of this server no longer apply. you can say whatever you want. becuase everything in t

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