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Who: Me and you, and you and me
What: Yet Another Speedrun Marathon
When: December 16th - 17th, 2017
Where: Online, at
Why: #ForTheKids at the Children's Hospital of Richmond!

This will be a 24-hour(ish) event, where 100% of (TAX DEDUCTILE) donations go directly to the hospital! Money raised may go to staffing, therapy equipment for the hospital and at-home, recreational therapy, research, and perhaps most importantly to provide uncompensated care for patients. This allows families to bring their loved ones in for care without worrying about how to foot the bill -- whether the bill is for routine check-ups to keep kids safe and healthy or for desperately needed, life-saving surgeries.

Donations will be handled through Extra Life's donation system.

You can use these links to get more information about:
Extra Life -
Children's Miracle Network -
CHoR -