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Alright got the leaderboards up and going. Want to apologise for layout a little. I wanted both Any% and All Street Bosses to both be under one Majima Saga banner, but somethings a bit bugged and any runs submitted to All Street Bosses weren't showing up. Clearly a setting I messed up so hopefully I can figure that out and clean things up a little!

As far as Categories go we've got the usual. Any% is the main game. The usual applies, pick your difficulty, make sure you show it and then start the timer when the screen fades to black. Unlike other games in the series there isn't a good starting point, hence why I made it the fade to black. If you have any thoughts about this and if there's a better place to start it, please let me know. As the leaderboards took a while to set up I know some people might have different starting times for their splits, so I can easily re-time myself. As of the future though we'll go from screen fade out unless others have any better thoughts. You must show the difficulty you've selected in the vod at least and IGT is still not a reliable measurement of time so we'll still be using real time.

The Majima Saga is where things get exciting and different. We've gotten ourselves a cute little run that doesn't take too long and could be highly competitive (Hence the need for Milliseconds!). For now i've set up Any%, which is your usual get to the end as fast as possible, and All Street Bosses which requires you to beat all the optional Street Bosses before you finish the game. Current ruling is that you do not need to collect the reward for beating All Street Bosses as i'm contemplating potentially a third category that would be either "100%" or "Kiryu Foundation" or something that requires you to fund all of the optional Kiryu stuff. 100% would need defining by the community, considering you can do a lot of the side activities as Majima. Would you need to eat at all the eateries, get the unique baseball rewards, etc etc. Hence why i've not set this up and just left it as Any% and All Street Bosses until we get some community consensus. Let me know what you think about a more fuller category!

As far as other categories go if there's demand (and by demand I mean do a run, post a vid and i'll get a leaderboard up!) we could set up a "Majima+Kiryu" category, where you run the Majima Saga first then run normal Any% afterwards. Only thing that would be awkward would be different difficulty levels. There's no Legend for Majima for example and you could easily change to Easy if you wanted when swapping between categories so...Not quite sure what the answer to this would be. Another community decision (say you run Majima on hard you'd have to stick to hard/Legend for Any% for example? Let me know!)


I think I'll put up a time for All Bouncer Missions. I think that'd be pretty fun. No weapon restrictions, during Premium Adventure, yeah?

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