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ive been practicing this run but im really having a hard time with that first majima fight. if you cant beat him (been practicing for months but still cant get my grip on it) is the run pretty much ruined? is there another way to get the XP you need to unlock the abilities?


The very first route I used didn't beat Majima. You would just get the abilities slower over the course of the run. But beating Majima and getting the abilities in Chapter 2 saves a bunch of time (about 10-15 minutes at the time). I don't know if my original notes had the old route in it although it would still be faster to do it now with added strats. I would actually wager that beating Majima now saves more time than it did originally since you take better advantage of it.

The biggest issue I see people having is that they are either not Charge throwing (waiting until Kiryu glows yellow) or they aren't shoulder charging to break his guard. There is also the fact that Majima appears to have some sort of diminishing returns on throws (though this is just speculation). In that the more you throw him, the more likely he will get "hyper amrour" and be unable to be thrown. All I can say is to make sure you are properly chare throwing, try to stomp on him and use the shoulder charge to break his guard before Charge throwing again. Also make sure you heat move fater a charge throw and don't do any other attack before that (when your heat is full).

Finally, do note we have a discord now in which you can get a faster response from.