NG+/Easy Guide

By KeyC13KeyC13. Last updated

This guide is gonna show the route and strats i used to get my PB. I will update this guide as soon as I find faster strats and/or made more research.
I recommend to you beeing at max. level and have alot of money, because you gonna have to prepare some items in either NG or Premium Adventure Mode.

Items needed:
1x Paper Plate (10 @ Don Quijote)
1x Suntory Mineral Water (S. Alps) (130 @ Convenience Stores)
1x Dog Food (750 @ Poppo Nakamichi)
7x AppStimRx (150 @ Kotobuki Drugs)
8x Staminan Royal (12'000 @ Kotobuki Drugs)
9x Repair Kit (500'000 @ Ebisu Pawn)
100'000 Yen for Gambling Hall
300'000 Yen for Shangri-La Member Card

Equipment needed:
Elder's Belly Warmer (200'000 @ Ebisu Pawn)
Beads of Good Fortune (CP Reward)
Dojima Family Amulet (Complete Climax Battles: Mad Dog Battles)
MJM56-55 Exorcist (1'555'500 @ Beam)

Total money needed: 6'653'440

This is the bare minimum I use in my run. I bought some extra 21 AppStimRX and alot more Staminan Royal just in case Majima shows up multiple times.

You wanna start NG+ with the paper plate, the water, the dog food, 7x AppStimRx, 8x Repair Kit and 2x Staminan Royal.


This is not gonna be a step by step tutorial on how to beat the game. I expect you have basic knowledge of Kamurocho, the story and where the important locations are. I will tell you where and when you can skip cutscenes. If there is a cutscene not mentioned you can't skip it.
(Sx# = Skip cutscenes x times)

Chapter 1:
Sx3 > Go to Peace Finance (no need to wait for Shinji)
Sx2 > Hirata + 4 ( you can only use Dragon style here and you will have no equipment until chapter 2. just kill them using rush combos without finishers)
Sx1 > Go to Serena
Sx1 > Hyana (rush combo)
Sx1 > Go upstairs
Sx3 > Go Le marche > Robber (rush combo) > Go Ebisu
Sx2 > Go to the Office
Sx2 > Go to the Dojima office, Hirata + Brute ( grab the Brute to use a Heat move and rush combo Hirata)
Sx6 > 4 Inmates (try to fill Heat on them) > Inmate 1356 (heat move)
Sx1 > skip save

Chapter 2:
(from here you can use your equipment)
Sx6 > Go towards Theater > Majima (use 7 AppStimRx and let him beat you) > Abe (grab and Heat move) > talk to Aoki > Go to Stardust ( don't run into the girl at the corner of Theater Square and the Pachinko parlor(Substory))
Sx1 > Yuta (grab and Heat move next to car)
Sx1 > go upstairs
Sx1 > Talk to Takahashi > Takahashi + 6 (use the shotgun for the ads and use heat move on Takahashi)
Sx2 > Talk to Shinji > skip save

Chapter 3:
Sx2 > Do the stealth section
Sx2 > Omi Alliance Guy ( grab and heat move) > go to the room and look at all 5 pictures
Sx1 > 4 guys (shotgun)
Sx1 > 19 guys (shotgun) > 1 guy (heat move) > 3 guys > 8 guys > 3 guys > 5 + Majima > 6 guys (shotgun)
Sx1 > Shimano (Heat move)
Sx1 > skip save

Chapter 4:
Sx5 > Go to Serena
Sx2 > Go to Bacchus
Sx1 > go south
Sx1 > Kimura + 9 (shotgun)
Sx2 > Feed the Puppy
Sx1 > Go Serena ( you can skip 2 of the 3 scripted fights by walking over the Millenium Tower plaza and then down Nakamichi str.) 3 guys (shotgun)
First cutscene not skippable > Sx2 > get the rest from your Item box > talk to Haruka > Go to Ares (make sure to go infront of the tower, after the talk to the police, to trigger a cutscene)
Sx1 > go inside and to the elevator
Sx1 > look at the picture of Yumi
Sx1 > Hiroshi + 6 (shotgun and heat move)
Sx1 > skip save

Chapter 5:
Sx1 > Talk to Date > Go to Purgatory(taxi)
Sx2 > go downstairs
Sx1 > go to Kage
Sx2 > remove equipment and talk to Kage twice
Sx1 > Feldman (heat move)
Sx1 > Pramuk (use 2 Staminan and use heat move)
Sx1 > Gary (heat move)
Sx1 > talk to Kage
Sx2 > equip your gear and go outside
Sx1 > 8 guys (shotgun)
Sx1 > Go to Batting Cage (taxi)
Sx1 > move 2 steps
Sx1 > Majima + 7 (shotgun an 2heat moves) ( Majima gonna stay at 1 hp after the first move and switches to another style)
Sx4 > skip save

Chapter 6:
Sx1 > Go Purgatory (taxi) > do the Komaki Substory
Sx1 > Go Batting Cage (taxi)
Sx1 > Takashi ( switch to Dragon style and use Heat move)
Sx1 > B-King + 4 (shotgun and heat move)
Sx1 > Go Debolah (don't walk onto the street (Substory))
Sx1 > Asai + 6 (shotgun and heat move)
Sx1 > Go Purgatory (taxi) > Go Serena (taxi)
Sx1 > Go to Park 3 (avoid the drunken guy at the corner (Substory))
Sx2 > Go to Shellac (taxi) > Do the Toll collector Substory > Go Stardust (taxi)
Sx3 > Tokuda + 4 (shotgun and heat move)
Sx2 > go outside
Sx1 > Go to Hatanaga building (taxi)
Sx1 > Shota + 3 (shotgun and heat move)
Sx3 > skip save

Chapter 7:
Sx1 > Go to Utabori (taxi)
Sx2 > Go to Serena (taxi)
Sx1 > Got Theatre square > Go to Arcade > Go to Parking lot > check West park > check Children park (taxi)(don't go to close to the Pocket Circuit(Substory)) > Go to Park 3
Sx3 > Mysterious guy + 7 (shotgun and heat action)
Sx5 > take 1 repair kit and 6+ Staminan from the item box > Go to the Lottery Shop
Sx1 > talk to the guy
Sx1 > play
Sx2 > play
Sx1 > Tetsu&Iwazaki + 6 (shotgun and heat move)
Sx1 > Go Purgatory
Sx1 > Go Serena (taxi)
Sx6 > 6 guys (shotgun)
Sx1 > Koji + 11 (shotgun and heat move)
Sx1 skip save

Chapter 8:
Go to Purgatory (taxi)
Sx5 > Go to Children park > Aota + 2 (shotgun and heat move) > Go Champion district (taxi)
Sx1 > Yuji +6 (shotgun and heat move)
Sx1 > Go to Debolah (taxi) > Kubo (shotgun)
Sx2 > go downstairs
Sx1 Akai bros. +6 (shotgun and 2 heat moves)
Sx4 > go to Purgatory (taxi)
Sx1 > skip save

Chapter 9:
Sx3 > Huang +17 (shotgun and heat move) > 10 guys (shotgun)
Sx1 > Lau (needs further testing since i have no idea how his weapon switch works) (2 heat moves)
Sx5 > Highway shooting (since this is easy difficulty just try to shoot the bosses and tank the damage from ads)
skip save

Chapter 10:
Sx4 > read the letter
Sx1 > follow the blood (try to not trigger text boxes by walking too close to certain blood pools (2 substories to avoid here)
Kill the first 9 guys and run to the stairs > run past the first mission point on the map and kill only the guy that blocks the stairs > kill the next 14 and run to the stairs > kill the next 5 guys and run to the stairs > shoot your way across the roof tops( i used their pistols on this part) an kill Ochi with 1 heat move)
Sx1 > Arase + 6 (shotgun and heat move)
Sx1 > skip save

Chapter 11:
Sx2 > go to Shine
first cutscene is not skippable > Sx1 > go to Jewel( avoid Pinkstreet north in this chapter (Substory)
first cutscene is not skippable > Sx1 > go back inside
Sx1 > go to Park 3 (taxi)
Sx1 > Zhou + 4 (shotgun an heat move) > go to Jewel > go to Shine > go to MEB > Go to Taxi > Shikawa + 10 (shotgun and heat move) > go to Purgatory > Go to Shangri-La
Sx1 > go inside
Sx1 > go upstairs
Sx2 > just run trough and kill the 2 big guys
Sx1 > Majima (Heat move >Kiwami >Heat move)
Sx1 > talk to Date > skip save

Chapter 12:
Sx1 > go
Sx1 > go
Sx8 > go
Sx1 > Takeda + 14(shotgun)
Sx2 > Shimano + 14 (shotgun and heatmove)
Sx3 > skip save

Go Stardust > Talk to Kazuki
Sx1 > 7>5>5 (shotgun and heat move)
Sx1 > 9 guys (shotgun and heat move)
Sx1 > Go Ares
Sx1 > shoot your way through and use heat moves against the Sergants)
Sx6 > Murase + 5 (shotgun and heat move)
Sx1 > shoot your way through > Jingu + 2 (use 2 heat moves on the ads, take 2 staminan and repeat. for Jing use 2 Staminan 1 heat move and some hits)
Sx2 > Nishiki (2 staminan > 1 Tiger drop (with Beast dmg boost) >2 Kiwami moves)