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How about some fun categories? I don't really want to run such a long game, I'm not ready for it, but for example...
-fishing% - requiring you to obtain all possible fish species (basically 100% fishing minigame) or
-ufo catcher% - same here, collect all possible toys from the ufo catching minigame

What do you think about it? I know it won't be any popular, but... maybe?


There is no need for a bunch of arbitrary categories that would just clog up the board with only a single user running them. We had a request for the Climax battles which are borderline worth a category and have only had 2 users running them in a year. In the 4 years that the game has been out we've only had 8 runners total. If it was a far more popular game that would benefit from these categories (e.g, Nier Automata and it's extended ending categories) then there'd be a place for it, but not here.

You say you want "fun" categories then go on to say you "Don't really want to run such a long game, I'm not ready for it" which screams that you just don't want to run the actual game. I'd like you to ask how many current runners would actually want to try and catch everything in the ufo catcher for example. Not all novelty runs need a place on the leaderboards, but it also doesn't stop you from doing those runs in your own time if you really want. It can be argued we don't need every difficulty on the leaderboard - but at least people submit runs to most of those (Normal and at a real borderline Hard being the two obviously not run as much difficulties)

Your post sounds like you're pushing for a much shorter run. You're in the wrong Yakuza game for that. Allow me to suggest other Yakuza's you might enjoy that are all shorter than Yakuza 0:

Yakuza (Original) at just above 2 hours
Yakuza Kiwami at 2 hours 20 minutes
Yakuza 2 (Original) at 2 hours 20 minutes
Yakuza Kiwami 2 at 2 hours with a supplimentary run of 10 minutes/40 minutes
Yakuza 3 at 2 hours 20 minutes
Yakuza 4 at just over 3 hours
Yakuza 6 at 2 hours 45 minutes
Yakuza Dead Souls at 3 hours (Please do this one and suffer with me please don't let me be the only crazy person to run this one)

If length truly is a problem you're in vastly the wrong series to try and speedrun. I'm always happy to help out anyone who wants to learn the run, but you have to understand (outside of Spin offs like Kenzan and Ishin) that 0 is the second longest Yakuza run outside of 5.

I'd highly suggest one of the other Yakuza's if you're not ready for this one. We won't be putting up arbritary categories with a low user base to these runs anyway. Enjoy doing them on your own time, but there's no reason to put up leaderboards for them here when the vast majority of runners won't find those ideas "fun" to begin with.

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I love Yakuza series, I own all of them on PS3, PS4 and PC, but I guess yeah, I am afraid of learning to run them... I really want to tho, so... one day maybe.


Don't be afraid. There's definitely some runs which are scarier than others, but for the most part you can't go wrong just jumping in.

The big problem, and I attribute this problem to myself as well, is that there aren't many guides on how to actually run the games. The game that has the best guides out there is actually Yakuza Kiwami where Lillygram has made an amazing indepth Any% Guide and KeyC13 made a good NG+ guide. From what i've seen most of the front runners (myself included) are more than happy to talk the run at any point. I've always meant to write up proper guides for all the Yakuza's I run as they're all in my head, but it will take a long time to make them come out as good as I want them too. Maybe a project for next year as I can see how daunting it is without proper guides (And also without a proper series speedrunning discord which...Well we've been talking about making it for 2 years at this point so watch this space I guess...)

If you're intimidated might I suggest running NG+ first? You'll be a fully leveled up Kiryu and that way you can learn the route, cutscenes that can be skipped, where substories are etc. This goes towards any of the games because some of the runs, 0 included, can actually be pretty tough towards the end (Some of them in particular you will be dieing in a couple of hits endgame with our any% strats. cough Yakuza 6 cough)

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