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Forum: The Lion King (SNES)

Thread: steam version?

Started by: xenkaroshixenkaroshi

So I just noticed that Lion King is on steam, someone should probably look into this and adjust accordingly.

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Forum: Dragon Warrior

Thread: New category: threesome%

Started by: Marth.SRMarth.SR

Sidenote: I am actually more okay with "naked%" as being discussed in another topic... Reason being for instance I believe you ARE literally naked in Dark Souls/Breath of the wild if you wanna go for such a run? Granted Low% or No Gear/Equipment would arguably be a better name for it..?


Forum: Dragon Warrior

Thread: New category: threesome%

Started by: Marth.SRMarth.SR

I can't say im a sensitive person per se and I enjoy my fair share of dark humor enough to have people look at me with big eyes and wondering how many times I got dropped as a kid to joke about certain shit.
But to go on record at SRC with a "Threesome%" stands out to me as just childish and without class to the game itself and its community. I'm quite frankly appalled by this decision and I cannot BELIEVE this got accepted by moderators alone.

As much as twitch doesn't allow certain usernames, there's a line we shouldn't cross here as well just to keep speedrunning on a somewhat professional level. I don't endorse this decision and I for one hope that we don't start to see this trend snowballing into something bigger on as a whole. Distasteful to say the least.


Forum: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Thread: Tutorial done and added for Guides

Started by: xenkaroshixenkaroshi

Title says it all, thank f*ck im done with that...

Will cover Dracula quick kill, quad drops and JC zombies too HOWEVER... as of now, the initial tutorial for any% is completed.

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Forum: Golf (NES)

Thread: What's up with category name

Started by: xenkaroshixenkaroshi

What about "Beat the game" and insert "complete 18 holes in rules?

The other category also eludes me, I'm assuming this is using default clubs to make it "easier" or "harder". But shouldn't the category itself become "default clubs only"?

I'm aware I don't have the final word here, but it feels like somewhere down the line, we should have done better from the start.. My two cents ofc.

Edit: As for the 2nd category, that is me completely taking a blind guess, that's how little the category actually does tell me since I never played the game, on the outside looking in and no rules specified for it..

Edit #2: Also nice with quick responses WTF ❤️


Forum: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Thread: TMNT Discord Server?

Started by: xenkaroshixenkaroshi

I already pitched this to skunky during one of his streams and with so many franchises or solo games having discord servers nowadays, I was surprised to learn TMNT didn't. Now, I have just about no experience on these games so I will not be the one responsible behind potentially setting up the discord if that were to be a thing, instead I would recommend that the mods for each game collectively come together and try to set things up.

I do plan to run this game in the future, so im trying to help me out in the longrun as a secret agenda 😛 But if karate kid or little mermaid have discord servers, I think TMNT could fix one as well ; )

Feel free to discuss about it!


Forum: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Thread: Floor Drops - Simon's X Value?

Started by: TriviateTriviate

I'm currently working on the tutorial for any%

I touch the topic in Part 1 so sneak that for some information.

But generally: Stairs reset vaule to 0, jumping will change the value, taking damage will change it and whipping in air will change it, sub-weapon in air will change it. For most floordrops we basically reset in stairs and use that current value knowledge to our advantage to setup the correct value through determined movements for each drop. It becomes pretty apparent once you start watching other runs more in detail as the movement generally isn't random. I do cover these floordrop setups in the tutorial as well.

Edit: Welcome to CV2, here's an invite to the discord


Forum: Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness

Thread: Emulator runs of Legacy of Darkness.

Started by: CriscoWildCriscoWild

I've been nagging about this in the discord channel and with no happy results. I would consider learning this with emulation, but until the community can remove that rule and instead add "emu" as a sub-category for console a.k.a


Then I don't see myself even touching this game.. I live in PAL regions and it's too much off a hassle and of a cost to get a hold of everything needed to run this game just because the community itself are so anti-emulation. There is just no good reason NOT to open the doors up for emulation runners on a separate category, hell if SM64 which is far more popular and picky about lag accuracy - are willing to open that window up... Just my two cents 🙄


Forum: Metroid (NES)

Thread: Future planning, is the community dead?

Started by: xenkaroshixenkaroshi

I have interest in learning this eventually, but I'm also concerned if even with the tutorial vids provided, if I get stuck and need help solving some spots or issues with the game. As far as I've heard - this is the only means of communication between runners aside from potentially catching a live streamer?

Well then.. Why is there no discord server for ways of faster communication? I've had great experience from other communities I've learned games for which have used this feature - so it's shocking to know I'd have to go back to pm messages waiting for responses in forum threads if I ever got stuck..

I understand the biggest argument for keeping forums is to save useful information, but that doesn't give the best, fastest line of communication for easier solved questions. How come this franchise haven't taken advantage of discord yet?

As of now, I'd be too concerned to learn any Metroid game for this reason. I understand it's easy to point fingers and not give a s¤it about some random guy coming into your house just to complain.

But I am a runner and I've always wanted to run this, but the tools of doing so seems so outdated compared to other titles that I feel discouraged to pick it up : ( Is main line of communication gonna continue like this for the years to come?


Forum: Mega Man

Thread: Beginner Questions

Started by: xenkaroshixenkaroshi

So ya I'm new and I tried the introduction thread for some questions I had but they pretty much told me to ask in said specific game thread for a better response.

Consoles are out of question for me, if nothing else than I don't prefer holding the original NES controller today and emulation is accepted as far as I know.

However not all emulators? Various webpages have different acceptance on what emulators are allowed - I always figured there would be a universal understanding of what is or isn't accepted - doesn't seem to be the case?

FCEUX (not ultra) seems to be the most common
NESTOPIA is the one I generally use but I'm still not sure if this one is accepted.
Then there's a question about what versions are accepted and/or if there's any advantage betwen these 2 emulators.

For that matter, where do I submit runs? There are various speedrunning pages as far as I get it, Mega Man also seems to have one dedicated to it's own franchise at - so can someone enlighten me?

I'm not per se asking "how to speedrun" given an answer of "find a game you like, practice makes perfekt, get a timer..".

I'm asking in general how all this works from having footage to the process of getting worldwide recognition - in terms of how to actually get my run out there so it's accepted to the community. In other words where do I go - is this the right place?