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Forum: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Thread: New to speedrunning, wanna start with CV2

Started by: BloodSweatAndCodeBloodSweatAndCode

freeland is making a hen out of a feather. emu and console is accurate enough to compete with each other, its not a problem at all unless you are used to console. If you are like me, just playing on emulator all day long, you won't know the difference. When it comes to controllers, it is hard to find something good these days, even for the ones people recommend, its typically hit or miss from my experience.

Edit: you have people like prisi for instance whom is a great runner. He did emu runs for years and competed for the top on many games, he recently switched to console because of the input delay emu has and he is doing "better" on console. That being said, you can still achieve great times through emulation rather than investing in full-on console setup from day 1 - only to give up speedrunning within 6 months due to lack of time or interest. I'd say dont worry about it until you feel its time to make the switch.


Forum: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Thread: New to speedrunning, wanna start with CV2

Started by: BloodSweatAndCodeBloodSweatAndCode

1 - I'd say the current tutorial out that I made is prob the most informed compilation out atm, granted you can always join the CV discord and ask runners directly in the cv2 channel.

2 - emu is okay, typically FCEUX is wildy accepted and used by alot of people for NES games. I'd def submit a run if you get it down to a point where you feel proud of it, typically I'd say if you can beat the time at last place, that qualifies for acceptance.

3 - We use Livesplit most commonly as a timer, you can find a link to the software under "More-Resources" on top page of SRC.


Hope that helps a bit


Forum: Bionic Commando (NES)

Thread: DISCORD!

Started by: andr0ne_andr0ne_

invalid link, make sure its set to not expired

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Forum: Strider (NES)

Thread: can we get a category for no mid-air zip%

Started by: WispyWoodsWispyWoods

so you wanna run any% without zips? So basically.... zipless?????


Forum: Talk

Thread: Where does your profile picture come from?

Started by: SeydieSeydie

DC Comics' Renee Montoya when she took over the mantle as The Question in New 52


Forum: Astyanax

Thread: Change of rules

Started by: TarbashTarbash

Given the day and age that we live in as of 2018: To submit top times with means of streaming for the sake of additional credibility to ones name and skill, is to be expected for top tier runners imo. There will always be raised suspicion towards "randoms" showing up with incredible times without any proof of their progression leading up to that point.

Given recent circumstances, I don't believe its too much to ask for. In fact: At some point I hope this becomes a criteria for speedrun submissions across all games in general.

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Forum: Kabuki Quantum Fighter

Thread: Mechanics Concerning Wall Jumps

Started by: MegaVynMegaVyn

According to callumbal, its a frame perfect trick. I believe its left - wait 1 frame - A. Its still worth practicing and going for though imo since its just a few seconds in on stage 1.


Forum: Kabuki Quantum Fighter

Thread: Is a tutorial needed?

Started by: xenkaroshixenkaroshi

I hear from a lot of people that they avoid this game simply because there's no video tutorial, despite them thinking the game itself looks fun from having watched other people run it.

I myself avoided this game for about 11-12months and kept holding off til someone made one. Turns out, I still ended up choosing to run this despite the lack of one. My own personal conclusion is that the game doesn't have too much crazy stuff to really desperately being in need of a tutorial, compared to say Metroid NES where there's alot of off-screen inputs for them screenwraps.

Kabuki is pretty straight forward, should anyone have questions about it then reach out to the community! Callumbal and Mithical were very helpful in answering any of the few questions I had. I would gladly lend a helping hand to new runners and im sure Butz would as well.

But the main thing I want people to understand is: Not every game truely requires a video guide on how to beat it, don't be afraid and don't deny yourself this awesome and fun title!

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Forum: Kabuki Quantum Fighter

Thread: Hair%

Started by: MrPzakMrPzak

Im always under the impression that this "challenge run" belongs on youtube and not on SRC. Im well aware there are boards whom for whatever reason, adds low% for those few handful of people wanting to duke it out for a free wr. But generally I do not consider it speedrunning as much as just a challenge.


Forum: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Thread: PC vs. Console just isn't a fair battle.

Started by: bgmusic703bgmusic703

If people want better times then go PC for free PB since its out and its faster. Most people should have the option to go PC and there's no bs with patches or a very demanding title compared to other releases today. Cluttering up the board with 5 different versions of the game is the last thing I wanna see.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

@Liv Boy rejected, rules updated, and dag nabbit... I mean I'll hold on to the mod title without going rogue about it, doing what I can, but stay tuned for more cases like these in the future - im sure 🙄


Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

So some weeks ago, I reached out due to lack of activity from previous mod on - your response was to make me one, which I advised against due to lack of knowledge when it comes to the job of it. Well we got a submission in - only problem is that this was played on some emulator with "RetroAchievements", this is a new thing for me and I dont know about accuracy. Its not a competitive time so its not a big deal, but I have no idea what to make out of it.

I'd still hope that you'd assign someone with more experience than I when it comes to moderation to help out in these matters. Rantron still isn't reliable since he can go off grid for weeks, and he moderates like 500 games...

Edit: The run itself is legit from what I can tell, I've just never experienced this platform before and have no idea what software was used and if its been looked into


Forum: Darkwing Duck (NES)

Thread: About Timing Runs

Started by: ZimondZimond

We had issues defining this during the week of learning the game for RGR, and the purple bubble were too hard in practice to accurately get a timing for to begin with.
I ended up going by Joka's example, hitting with a -0.85 on what seems to be the most consistent way of timing the game from an RTA standpoint. If that needs to be added with 0.03 though, that'd be new for me. But I find using that spot as a starting point is the easiest.

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Forum: Gradius

Thread: Potential New Skip

Started by: AuroraxPhilicAuroraxPhilic

I'm just coming off from running silius and metal storm with deathwarps - now gradius get them too 😃

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Forum: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Thread: Extension Categories?

Started by: FullyAutomatoFullyAutomato

If mods would add it under level leaderboards inside this already existing game board, I dont see why not. I enjoyed going through these myself, like you said - the in-game boards are typically always hacked from day 1.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

@Bokoblins I'm scared :'( I have no experience in regards of frame counting and whatnot, I would not advice this to be a permanent solution as I dont really see myself as qualified honestly. I did update the current WR since it was beat by the same guy whom previously held it - should be a legit run but I would be unable to tell.

I do need to test out the game a bit more to determine when character control is lost for timer to stop for defining rules, but at some point - even the current WR should be re-timed as such. He seemingly starts timer upon character control, but timer should be including stage select as you have control during that portion already.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Cant get ahold of Rantron for The Mask. SRC inactivity for 18 days, no responses on twitch or discord. I know the guy moderates a ton of games and I would rather see someone else take his place to lighten the burden if possible (i dont have myself in mind for this though). There's an improved WR time by the current WR holder that was set years ago and should be added, likewise I've wanted to discuss defining rules for the game. I know its adviced to also create a forum thread on the game page itself before resorting to this page, but near 3w inactivity and no responses on discord/twitch will hopefully be enough to have someone look into this.

Improved WR:


Forum: The Site

Thread: Site Bugs

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

Ya im having the same issue (using google chrome). The play console disappears for twitch vods when I try to view runs. If I manually go into runners profile and open their twitch account, looking up the video myself - it works perfectly.

Can't watch it from SRC somehow though.


Forum: Strider (NES)

Thread: Rules for controllers?

Started by: MartinFWMartinFW

I mean its pretty common sense. Imagine emulating an actual NES controller. Dont use turbo buttons and dont bind keys so 1 key = A+B+up+Select or anything an actual NES controller can't do in real life

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Forum: Metroid (NES)

Thread: Future planning, is the community dead?

Started by: xenkaroshixenkaroshi

Dang, I dont even remember I made this thread!

I'm happy to see that this community really blew up since last time I checked! With McFly breaking every record in the book, SummoningSalt covering the WR history, RGR featuring this game in their races, ONOT was held on RGL and man the new faces and progression from runners - including Kraid first runs!
With plenty of new resources to learn from, its finally time for me to pick this game up, happy I made the decision to wait with it - there's never been a more active metroid community than now and ive improved as a runner since I asked questions last year 😛

You'll see me on the leaderboard shortly!