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Thread: Stage 4 boss quick kill

Started by: xenkaroshixenkaroshi

Ignoring the fact that I die on phase 2 because I'm still learning the run at the moment of this recording.

It seems that you can slip through the propellers and avoid a death animation. It is extremely tight and prob a 1-2 frame window, the bigger issue being the x-position being in flux due to the camera at this segment of the map, making it absurdly hard. Nonetheless, it would be the faster kill in theory. This was recorded in realtime.


Forum: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Thread: Timing issues

Started by: xenkaroshixenkaroshi

Co-op normal wr method ends timer too early, I estimate it roughly to a 19:32 after framecounting it in avidemux. I also am heavily criticizing the current start timer as its incredibly hard to determine the starting frame, even more so for co-op and specially for netplay emulation. I personally would suggest to change starting frame to first frame of seeing character spawn into game. If that's too much work to re-count for current submissions, I would at the very least like a determined starting frame by mods so I know from what frame the run actually should be framcounted from @Sm_IzumiSm_Izumi

Edit: Also while at it Izumi, feel free to throw in proper emulation rules for both this game and to of which I ran earlier this week, made a forum thread without getting a response and took co-op WR for


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Thread: Timer?

Started by: HighDefHighDef

livesplit and OBS

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Thread: Horror Game Speedruns

Started by: AlexisDRAlexisDR

oh it links to ones profile too, guess that still is the best alternative regardless then : )


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Horror Game Speedruns

Started by: AlexisDRAlexisDR

im aware, I chose actively not to. I personally don't have notifications turned on for getting mentions in forum threads, I can't speak for what others have. Therefore I figured it'd be better if he contacted by message. It's just by cheer luck that I chose to check this thread again that I noticed your message


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Thread: Horror Game Speedruns

Started by: AlexisDRAlexisDR knows a thing or two about horror games, maybe you could send him a message


Forum: Rad Racer

Thread: Pal runs

Started by: ArkanoidAddictArkanoidAddict

Unless there's a difference in gameplay for PAL versions, categories are not generally made for them - that's a timeloss runners just have to deal with. Then there's games like Blaster Master where PAL is the fastest possible version due to a region specific glitch, which forces a new category.

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Thread: Coop runs hardware question

Started by: ZockerstuZockerstu

zsnes should def be banned, there are better emulation options today. I don't know of any serious snes leaderboard that accepts it


Forum: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (SNES)

Thread: It's 2020, can we get a modern ruleset?

Started by: xenkaroshixenkaroshi

Feels about time to establish proper emulation rules, I myself plan to submit runs in the very near future. If you're unaware of what's generally allowed, check Contra III leaderboard. I'm also gonna include this

Likewise if you check CV4 which is much more popular and competitive than this game generally. You can spot "ZSNES (all versions) and SNES9X (1.43 and below) are banned."


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Thread: Question about doom speedrunning

Started by: [Deleted user]

Doom is one of those special cases where they do keep tabs on records through their own webpage if I recall. I'm not into the series so I can't remember where that would be, if you join their discord im sure you can get some answers. @AltimaMantoidAltimaMantoid


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Thread: snes9x accuracy 1.54 beyond + netplay

Started by: xenkaroshixenkaroshi

Seen accuracy test sheets up and to this revision, never past it. No idea if later ones are actually more accurate or not. Likewise I have co-op in mind as a secondary agenda and am wondering which revision are preferred for it.

Snes community itself is none existent, hoping to get lucky here.


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Thread: New into speedrunning here :)

Started by: rezziqrezziq

I got me a NES classic controller and fetched me an adapter from raphnet to connect it to USB.

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Thread: help

Started by: meaty_sansmeaty_sans

practice, practice, practice


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Thread: Quickest-to-kill bosses in speedruns

Started by: Patrick_BarrettPatrick_Barrett

Castlevania 2 NES can kill Death in 1 hit, as well as dracula in 2 hits.

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Thread: Suggest games for me (but I actually know what I want!)

Started by: emeraldalyemeraldaly

Metal Gear series, maybe Tomb Raider?

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