Any% - Easy, No DLC in 4h 24m 59s by TSE_HybridTSE_Hybrid - 3rd place

We had no idea what we were doing

Mod Edit - Corrected submission to Easy and not Normal.

Version: 2.0.2

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Name Duration Finished at
-The Maelstrom 5m 42s 000ms 5m 42s
-Aligo 4m 07s 000ms 9m 50s
{Chapter 1: Encounters}Malos 1 1m 22s 000ms 11m 12s
-Brog 3m 03s 000ms 14m 16s
-Torigoth 7m 41s 000ms 21m 58s
-Brighid 2m 53s 000ms 24m 52s
-Tiger! Tiger! 6m 45s 000ms 31m 37s
-Nia's Gaurds 5m 08s 000ms 36m 46s
-Dughall 3m 04s 000ms 39m 50s
{Chapter 2: Aptitude}Morag 1 1m 40s 000ms 41m 30s
-Departure 6m 38s 000ms 48m 08s
-Vandham 3m 32s 000ms 51m 40s
-Ardun 4m 47s 000ms 56m 28s
-Wulfric 2m 47s 000ms 59m 16s
-Ahkos 2m 09s 000ms 1h 01m 26s
-Zeke 1 3m 18s 000ms 1h 04m 45s
-Violent Driver 6m 42s 000ms 1h 11m 27s
-Mahkos 1 5m 24s 000ms 1h 16m 51s
{Chapter 3: Our Own War}Mahkos 2 1m 16s 000ms 1h 18m 08s
-Blade Pulls 3m 35s 000ms 1h 21m 43s
-Birds 8m 54s 000ms 1h 30m 38s
-Brigands 3m 02s 000ms 1h 33m 41s
-Wulfric Prep 10m 38s 000ms 1h 44m 20s
-Lila 1 1m 37s 000ms 1h 45m 58s
-Morag 2 2m 35s 000ms 1h 48m 33s
-Marrin 7m 39s 000ms 1h 56m 13s
-Green Barrels 1m 03s 000ms 1h 57m 16s
-Zeke 2 3m 18s 000ms 2h 00m 35s
-Tirkins 2m 58s 000ms 2h 03m 33s
-Lila 2 1m 39s 000ms 2h 05m 13s
-Rosa 3m 00s 000ms 2h 08m 13s
{Chapter 4: Aegis}Torna 1 3m 10s 000ms 2h 11m 24s
-Fonsett 9m 04s 000ms 2h 20m 29s
-Zeke 3 1m 55s 000ms 2h 22m 24s
-Indol 1 6m 33s 000ms 2h 28m 57s
-Cord 5m 45s 000ms 2h 34m 43s
-Jin 1 2m 16s 000ms 2h 36m 59s
{Chapter 5: Monsters and Slaves}Aeshma's Core 2m 50s 000ms 2h 39m 49s
-Indol 2 6m 38s 000ms 2h 46m 28s
-Cooks 3m 40s 000ms 2h 50m 08s
-Giga Rosa 1m 36s 000ms 2h 51m 44s
-Captured 6m 16s 000ms 2h 58m 00s
-Basement 3m 27s 000ms 3h 01m 28s
-Tantal Descent 3m 33s 000ms 3h 05m 01s
-Torna 2 1m 54s 000ms 3h 06m 56s
{Chapter 6: Wounds}Jin 2 1m 04s 000ms 3h 08m 00s
-Cleanup 5m 37s 000ms 3h 13m 38s
-Steele of Judgement 8m 57s 000ms 3h 22m 35s
-E V E R B O R O 2m 58s 000ms 3h 25m 33s
-Malos 2 8m 47s 000ms 3h 34m 21s
-Jalos 1 4m 38s 000ms 3h 38m 59s
{Chapter 7: The Fear She Carries}Jalos 2 0m 50s 000ms 3h 39m 50s
-Big Guldo 1m 45s 000ms 3h 41m 36s
-Many Big Guldos 1m 56s 000ms 3h 43m 32s
-Really Big Guldo 4m 15s 000ms 3h 47m 48s
{Chapter 8: World Tree}Indolian Monks 10m 24s 000ms 3h 58m 12s
-The Bridge 3m 56s 000ms 4h 02m 08s
-The Door 1m 10s 000ms 4h 03m 18s
-Jin 3 7m 03s 000ms 4h 10m 22s
{Chapter 9: Rain}Amalthus 1m 40s 000ms 4h 12m 02s
-Ghosts 6m 54s 000ms 4h 18m 57s
-Colossi Hallway 3m 09s 000ms 4h 22m 07s
-Aion 1 1m 33s 000ms 4h 23m 40s
{Chapter 10: And thus, boy met girl}Aion 2 1m 18s 000ms 4h 24m 59s
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