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Most people use this :
You can also use WSplit, but it has less customizable options.

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Running without a Memory Card / Without Haunting Ground saved data is encouraged as it saves real-time due to some cutscenes not showing unless you have prior completion data.

This doesn't mean that having a save file is banned, it means that having a save file is not recommended, mostly because having a save file would put you at a disadvantage compared to people who does New Game runs without a save file (or memory card).

Also, of course, using a save file lets you skip the last cutscenes, wich lowers In-Game Time quite a bit. However, the leaderboard has been using RTA (real-time) as the main timing for the game, wich means that In-Game Time matters less (but i will not remove In-Game Time from the leaderboard, because i think it's still important to have it).

I will update the rules for New Game category because of this, and also to prevent runners to use New Game+ items while running the New Game category (example : Adamas plate and costumes).

I think doing this will be OK, i also think it is fair, because RTA timing is what matters on the leaderboard, and while using a save file or memory card lowers In-Game Time, it adds extra cutscenes wich makes RTA slower (disadvantage when using a memory card).

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Yes ! Let's put Eurobeat on every leaderboard !

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biscuits, tons of biscuits

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Billy Hatcher and the giant egg
Sonic games (Heroes, Adventure DX, Adventure 2, Riders etc)
MegaMan Network Transmission (kinda hard game if you're not that much into platformers, the music rocks though)

There's definitly other games but that's all i can think of for now.


Originally posted by Pac1. Add high scores to
2. Work with the owner of to try to improve the existing site.
3. Try again to buy (offering more money), make a completely new website in its place, while trying to salvage as much of the existing data as possible.
4. Make a completely new high scores website under a different name / domain name.

Personnaly, i think 3rd option is rude, but worth a try. If it doesn't work, then 4th option would be the best one, imo.
Mostly because i don't think having high scores on this site would be a good idea long-term. People barely manage leaderboards so far, i think it would be worse if high scores gets added. Plus, that would probably lead to more drama, there's already enough here without that stuff.

As for 2nd option, idk the guy but i think it would be problematic eventually.


Resident Evil / BioHazard (serie)
Clock Tower (serie)
Haunting Ground / Demento
Dino Crisis 1 + 2 (even if 2 is way more action-oriented)
Fatal Frame / Project Zero (serie)
Alone in the Dark (serie)

There's definitly more but these are the only ones i can think of rn.


how don't you die of a heart attack ?

Personnaly, i sometimes still get scared when running horror games, but the more you play, the less things affects you, especially when the same things happens at the same time every run (like some enemy breaking a door after picking up a specific item for example).

For some games, though, even while knowing all this, it still feels really scary and tense in general (i'm mostly thinking of Alone in the Dark for this, the ambience in this game is something else).

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I do have a question that I couldn't seem to find an answer to, and I hope it's OK to ask it here. To submit a speedrun, do you have to do it live, like on Twitch? And do you need to use a facecam while you do it?

Streaming isn't required, same for facecam.
As long as there's a vid (uploaded on youtube or anywhere else) that shows the game, it should be ok.
Ideally, you'd want to add the timer to it, it's not 100% necessary but it's preferred (some mods are too lazy to re-time your run if there's no timer).

Streaming can be nice though, since you can just highlight anything from the stream (PBs, possible new glitches, and so on). You could do all that while recording locally, but doing it via twitch would probably save you some time in general (finding the part you want to upload, if you just record everything, editing, etc).


Bla bla bla. . .
No one cares. . .

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@ChanceCossitt This is a last resort thread, please ask the current moderator of the game and read the first post of this topic.

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Positive or not, adding an option to comment on runs on this site is a stupid idea, plus, everytime someone made a topic for it, people gave tons of good reasons why it shouldn't be a thing.

As for runners having to take care of the comments on their own runs, personnaly, i think this is a REALLY bad idea; for some games you have to practice a lot on top of doing runs (and some games takes hours also). As a runner, you'd want to do runs or practice / learn stuff, not manage comments (especially when ATLEAST half of them are shitposts).

And, of course, the more games you run, the worse this would get. I'm pretty sure having this feature would enable trolls to comment on obsolete runs as well (there's always a way to look at obsolete runs so someone would do it eventually).

Now, if anything, you could suggest that leaderboard mods actually manage comments on runs, but they already have enough things to do (especially if they actually care about the leaderboard and do more than verify runs).

Honestly, i wonder why people still suggest this feature when they know how shit most comments are on every site that has this feature.

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• What is a Leaderboard?

A "place" with different rankings and categories. Sometimes more.
If we consider the fact that forums are also a thing (like it is here : every leaderboard has a forum), then i guess you could consider each leaderboard as a small community, where each runner is a "member" of it.

• What is on a Leaderboard?

Kinda depends if it's a good leaderboard or not to me.
A "decent" leaderboard would just have rankings and categories (and everything would look nice and organized, ideally).

A "good" leaderboard would probably have more than that (guides, ressources, or atleast a link to where to find all these).

I'd kinda like to add more stuff, but at the same time i'm not sure what, for some reason it's really hard to answer these questions...

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Originally posted by LOLMAN-0027Long hair = girl
Short hair = boy

Wait so that means i'm a girl as well ?


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