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Thread: OBS don'T stream VBA

Started by: MrKvikurMrKvikur

I had a problem yesterday, i had HexChat opened, and when the HexChat window was on, the VBA screen on OBS had parts not showing up, it was fine after closing the HexChat window though.

Sometimes, you have to "refresh" things on OBS though (you know, amarec window capture, VBA, and so on).

I'd say try that, and if there's still a problem then i don't know.


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Thread: How do you record your speedruns?

Started by: EoinEoin

Streaming on Twitch is not necessary, as long as you can record it and publish it somewhere so people can see it (youtube, dailymotion, etc) it's fine

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Thread: Does the video needed to request a game have to be a full run or can it be an individual level?

Started by: PalterPalter

Personnaly when i requested my games i didn't have much.

For initial D, i just had times for ILs / Time Attack but no videos, i added videos as i got better times though.
For Boktai, nothing, no videos, no guides, nothing at all, i just had categories in mind.

I'd say as long as you submit times later, it should be ok.


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Thread: Giant Bomb/Twitch sync?

Started by: rarelikerarelike

I made Box Arts for Twitch a week (or two ?) ago, submitted them with

Nothing has been done since. I tried contacting the Support via twitter twice, nothing at all.
I contacted the support before, they are the ones who gave me that link for box art submissions, but they took days so i don't plan on recontacting them like that, they don't seem to care.

But yeah, the game will eventually get added to the game list at some point, if not, try contacting the support i guess (◜◡‾)


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Thread: Super Mario 64 - 16 Star in 22:09

Started by: YougCraftYougCraft

(◜◡‾) Nice, now put it on the leaderboards pls (◜◡‾)


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Thread: Advertisements

Started by: PacPac

So... there's nothing to do at all ?

Damn, that rocks, if only all sites could do that.


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Thread: Deleting your account

Started by: [Deleted user]

It's a shame these times were accepted though. What are mods ? Kappa


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Thread: [Suggestion] Chatbox ?

Started by: xDrHellxxDrHellx

Wait there's an IRC ?
Well, imo having a way to access it via the website would actually be cool. Not everyone has a program to connect to IRC (i do, but i rarely use it tbh).

Also, well... if it's the site's IRC it SHOULD be somewhere on the site imo.


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Thread: [Suggestion] Chatbox ?

Started by: xDrHellxxDrHellx


I'm making a topic cos' imo, it's not really feedback, more like a suggestion.
I've been on that site for some time now, and, while it seems to be more active (the leaderboards alwyas were, in a way, but the forums got a bit better since imo), i still find it kinda... well, not that active actually, especially, the forums.

I'd like to suggest adding a chatbox or something like that, i think it could be fun, maybe it'll make the forums (and stuffs like that) more active in a way. On another note, maybe it could help too, maybe peoples could actually ask about games, leaderboards, and other stuff in it, thus leading to less topics for the same things, also maybe that way the site will look more friendly to new users.

So... yeah, that's pretty much it. Thanks in advance for reading and stuff.


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Thread: Did Twin Galaxies copy this site with permission?

Started by: PresJPolkPresJPolk

There's a spy... SoonerLater

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Thread: General Guide to Boktai

Started by: KrydiusKrydius

Emulating is a thing.
In fact, i plan to separate console and emulator runs if there's a lot of both.

So yeah, using the patch is allowed, for the sequels, a patch is not necesserarily needed depending on the game, so if there's runs of each type (emulator with patch, no patch / sunlight except from items, console with blacklight), i'll separate them also.

Routing... well... so far i routed the dungeons route for any%, but besides that i'm kinda lost, so far what i've noted:

- Avoid C ranks, you don't get any items wich end up making the endgame way too hard, also not having any item makes you lose time (no speed fruits to speed up, no bananas to speed up puzzles)
- B Ranks are enough, item-wise
- Weapon-wise, iirc i use the 2 frames you get at the beginning, then i'm supposed to get another one (it's very powerful, and sends enemies far away, but you have to be right-next to them), at some point there's yet another frame that can be taken, basically a better version of the one at the beginning of the game.

Boss strats: So far not much there, for the Count, it's mostly about making sunlight usable during the fight and luring the count on it, the fight can be really fast but it's also kinda random at the same time.

Carmilla: Basically setup the mirrors near her tail so she hit herself, at this point you should have some grenades that you can use while she's wasting time aiming the wrong mirrors. The fight causes a lot of lag though, it's kinda bad.

Sabata: So far i'm stuck on him, i just can't beat him at the end of the game, even with items it's really tense.

So yeah, that's pretty much it...

So what's to look is... well not sure, i guess a way to speed up some rooms, puzzles and bosses.
A safety strat for Sabata at the end could be useful i guess.

I wanted to note all chests to only take the ones needed, but there's so many, i gave up.

So yeah, i routed some dungeons with items, some of them are improvable i guess, but basically it's just "take this door instead of the other one" and "use that item in this room to save more time"

Alright, now things to avoid during a run:

- Getting caught too much, leads to C Rank, less items, screws up route and make dungeons harder later.
- Wasting grenades while using the patch, it's dumb, but i do it often, depending on where you shoot it, grenade causes lag too.
- Using Dark Banana / Purple Banana, it CAN be useful, but it makes you lose life very quickly at the same time, unless it's a boss fight i think it's not a good idea.

So yeah... that's it i guess, i'm not sure what else to say.

Anyway, these might help: - Basically this is what i written when routing the world map, it has all dungeons that i've gone through, with importants things you get from most of them, and what to do (kinda), it might helpp to start. - This is my route, it doesn't says much, it's mostly the dungeons i go through, what things i can get, and puzzles solutions.

Also, about the patches: Personnaly i try to not max the sunlight when not needed (dialogs), to avoid Overheats. In the sequels it also helps keeping the items, otherwise they can be rotten earlier than planned.


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Thread: Existing Game New Console

Started by: Nct16Nct16

Imo you should contact the Mods, because if you just request that as a new game it will probably just create confusion between runners.


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Thread: [Suggestion] Nickname change

Started by: SamoyedSamoyed

I disagree, there's already a topic for name changes and i think it's fine like that.

PS: nice argumentation btw.

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Thread: Doing speedruning on mmorpg (wow and swtor)

Started by: RaghamRagham

Personnaly i have no idea about most of these things, but there's one question i can answer to.

You can use any language you want, personnaly i'm french but i use english because i think it's better for the viewers and stuff. Just use what you like / want, just keep in mind that not everyone can understand that language, so you should expect peoples to ask a question at some point (nothing bad at all, it keeps the chat / game active in a way).