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Thread: Experiencing Twitch troubles recently

Started by: PackSciencesPackSciences

oh good luck then, they'll probably take ages to answer with something useless, like usual Kappa


Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: Experiencing Twitch troubles recently

Started by: PackSciencesPackSciences

Tried asking twitch staff instead ?
Otherwise, nope, all fine on my side, and never had that.


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Thread: General rules for games

Started by: XelnaXelna

i'm not lazy, and imo it's not a matter of that, it's just that it's a waste of time, it COULD be easier and faster.
Still, if you feel like wasting time, then fine, but personnaly i don't like spending 30mn just because there's too many different things.

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Thread: General rules for games

Started by: XelnaXelna

"Maybe you can just copy paste it at the beggining/ending of every category's rule like XeiZ did for Portal 1 ?!"

That's actually what i did on a leaderboard, it works, but still, it's a waste of time and whenever categories changes for X reason you have to waste even more time.


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Thread: Any tips for a new beginner?

Started by: RetractRetract

general tips:

- Remember it's only a game and you shouldn't take things too seriously, it ruins the fun (no fun = boring to play = shitty run Kappa )
- Learn at your own pace, don't try to rush things if you can't handle it, it's not like your life depends on it anyway
- H A V E F U N P L S
- If you can't decide what to run besides your current game, try with something you used to play, or something that actually looks good to you


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Thread: MH3U Leaderboard has been revamped!

Started by: CritLuckCritLuck

Nice to see someone that actually likes to take care of a leaderboard.
More peoples should actually be like that imo, nice work.

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Thread: Wanting to Delete a Game, but...

Started by: BlueInfinity22BlueInfinity22

imo even if it's a port it should be a separate leaderboard, but if it's badly managed maybe you should take care of that.
Especially if you did the Remix 1 & 2 leaderboards.


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Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Alright, after seing a lot of leaderboards without rules, i think it's about time to post what i think in there.

I think rules for categories should be REQUIRED, like, obligatory even. I mean come on, it's speedruns, if there's no rules how can anyone even submit runs ? It doesn't even make any sense.

Also it's like peoples just submit runs without telling the rules, so they're sure no one will try to get the WR.
I feel like putting a leaderboard or category on this site without putting ANY rules shouldn't be a thing at all, if you make a leaderboard you should ALTEAST put some effort at telling about the rules before even submitting any run.

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Thread: Submitting Cover Art to Twitch

Started by: HavocProdigyHavocProdigy

Personnaly, i've been submitting cover art for like a month now and NOTHING ever changed.
I highly doubt they care at all about that stuff unless you're partner, actually.


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Thread: Request platforms here

Started by: Lighnat0rLighnat0r

Thing is, for GBA games there's a lot of ways to play / record them.

- GBA / GBA SP, with a camera
- NDS / NDS Lite
- GameBoy Player (NGC)
- Emulators Kappa

But depending on the game some of them aren't as good as others.
Like mugg1991 said for kirby, it has a glitch on GameBoy Player, wich is not on GBA.

Sadly it isn't the only game that has a difference depending on what you use.
I recall the Super Mario Bros 3 GBA version not even being playable on emulator, and there's Megaman battle Network 4 that has lag issues (the Blue Moon version especially) on NDS / NDS Lite.

There's also the Boktai games, emulator is almost a totally different way of playing the games (and i fear it might even have it's own route (atleast for 2 & 3) for speedruns, compared to playing on consoles) because of the Sunlight Sensor.
Like, for example, the items can get rotten in 2 & 3, and it depends on the Sunlight the Sensor gets. On emulator you can easily be at max all the time, but on a console, even with a Black Light, that RARELY happens, wich makes some items last longer than on emulator.

Also, handling the Black Light (switching it ON and OFF to avoid overheat in the games) is an extra thing you don't need to do on emulator, wich, even if it sounds like a small thing, is a real pain to do while running.

So yeah, i think that even if it's only for some games and not all of them, we should still take that into consideration, as it can change the way you play / run games.


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Thread: What song do you listen to right now ?

Started by: Arsenalfan789Arsenalfan789



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Thread: Help Please, soooo upset

Started by: NehkRohwNehkRohw

I'd just like to add, if it didn't record the entire run and had lag, imo it could be your processor not being good enough (Ghz-wise). I used to have that before i switched to my 3.5 Ghz processor.

So yeah, imo the only thing to do is to get a better processor. Or PC in general.

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Thread: How do you capture older console likes ps1, gamecube or even nes?

Started by: NekosBlogNekosBlog

So yeah, like trivial showed with these links, depending on what you want to capture you have to use different things (HDMI for new consoles, Composite or Peritel for the old ones, etc)

Along that, you'll probably need cables and splitters, especially for SCART / Composite

Here's what my setup looks like (PS3 and old consoles, composite):
First, there's that part, the cables from the console itself.
Then they get into splitters, wich is basically 1 to 2 cables.
One of the 2 cables goes into one of these things, to the right, that stuff is connected to the TV. It's better to do that because when it's on TV there's no delay (compared to having it on your PC screen with AmarecTV, or other programs), wich is obviously better for playing.
Anyway, that was one of the 2 cables. Here's where the other one go: dazzle / capture device.
And well... the dazzle itself is connected to the PC via USB.
ProTip: ALWAYS use an USB 2.0 or 3.0 port for the Dazzle AND your controller (PC games), since it's 2.0 or 3.0 it's faster, wich makes the image a little better, but the real important thing to notice is the capture being smoother than with an USB 1.0 port.

For Controllers on PC, let's just say that your inputs will be better overall (faster, eating less inputs when playing, and so on).
It's a very simple thing, but i know peoples who actually don't even know about USB 2.0 being a thing.

So... yeah, that's my setup, on my PC i open AmarecTV (wich is installed on an external HDD that i plug in when i stream, it apparently helps for droping less frames and it makes recording smoother, so far i didn't notice much difference, but i didn't have problems with recording to begin with).

Hope it helped.

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Thread: Heyoo!

Started by: ChfouChfou

Oh, another Benjamin ! Welcome 😃


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Thread: OBS don'T stream VBA

Started by: MrKvikurMrKvikur

I had a problem yesterday, i had HexChat opened, and when the HexChat window was on, the VBA screen on OBS had parts not showing up, it was fine after closing the HexChat window though.

Sometimes, you have to "refresh" things on OBS though (you know, amarec window capture, VBA, and so on).

I'd say try that, and if there's still a problem then i don't know.