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Thread: what are some great speedrun games for IL's

Started by: gtm604gtm604

Personnaly, when it comes to ILs, the perfect example imo is Racing games (Initial D, Forza, everything that allows you to Time Attack).
Also, i guess Monster Hunter games could work too, since there's a lot of missions to do.


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Thread: The Big Like-xperiment

Started by: Trollbear666Trollbear666

Well, seems like it's gonna take some time to break that Kappa

Why does this site have to be coded correctly in the first place ? OpieOP


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Thread: So I want to start a marathon

Started by: CrescentflameCrescentflame

Personnaly, i think this is a good idea.
Not sure if i'd help or not yet though... this could be a big thing i guess.


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Thread: I have a problem

Started by: ZospoZospo

Your english is fine.

Anyway, did you try other emulators ? I know some NDS games runs better on specific emulators (yeah NDS emulation is weird like that), as for the DSi... well... if you can't use a capture card, do you have a webcam or something ? i guess that could work instead.

Also, if the emulator is the one recommended by the community for your game, then maybe it's your computer ? I, personnaly, had problems with NDS emulation,k i didn't have enough GHz back then, wich caused the emulator to run VERY SLOWLY and crash sometimes.


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Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Well, it's just a suggestion anyway 😛

Still, i have to say, that one-time change from the profile setting doesn't seems like a bad idea at all.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Back in the feedback thread...

I'd like to suggest something about the forums;

An unique topic for username change requests.
I just think having many topics with one to three posts for that is kinda... pointless ?
Like, it just takes all the space imo.


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Thread: Request platforms here

Started by: Lighnat0rLighnat0r

Personaly, i think New 3DS should be a separate platform, but at the same time...

Like, i think the games exclusive to it should be a thing, with only the New 3DS selected in consoles.
Still, you can still play the other "normal" 3DS games on it, and apparently some of them goes faster because of the new features and stuff, so i guess it could also be a separate category or something for normal 3DS games ?

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Thread: Aggressive Inline PS2 Speedrun

Started by: TuriamTuriam


Well from what i see the game isn't even on this site yet, so... i guess it's up to you to actually request it and find out / do an any% route.

Still, i don't know anything about this game so i can't really help, but i guess you could make different categories depending on what you do (unlocking every levels or not, and so on)


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

I'd like to request Super Mod status for this

Tried contacting the actual Mod, sadly, no response.
Considering i got ideas about categories and stuff, i think Super Mod would be better than simple Mod. Especially considering the other guy didn't respond and hasn't done any of the things i have in mind.


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Thread: Cheers Speedrunning community !

Started by: 8667

Hai ! Welcome !

also hum...

"I have this weird ability to decipher anything I look at and tell you how to gain maximum efficiency optimization with every move you make, right down to the millisecond. ( I use this weird ability for school mostly but, it has helped immensely when working on specific strategies with speedrunners that need that extra time ). "



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Thread: Speedrunning as someone from europe

Started by: KevinherofreeKevinherofree

Depending on the game, PAL 60 is a thing (basically, same speed as NTSC, but since it's PAL, it has better graphics, even if it's not THAT better).

Like, i know this is a thing for some Gamecube games atleast.
Most of the time though, yeah, you will need an NTSC console and an NTSC version of the game...

Still, it depends if you want the WR for NTSC or not.
I've seen peoples separating PAL and NTSC for some games (don't remember the names though), wich makes 2 WR then, one for PAL, one for NTSC.

You'll have to check if that's the case for your games.

Also, like Thehealbus said, no one forces you to use the optimal equipment from the start, most peoples starts with what they have at home, and then, when they feel the need to, import NTSC or other things.

Speedrunning and going for WR, it's cool, but if you don't have fun while doing it, it's not worth it, even if you use the optimal equipment.

PS : about PAL 60, you'll have to check a bit about it, sometimes it is not allowed because it doesn't work properly (Sonic Heroes is a good example, because PAL 60 makes it run at 120% speed instead of 100%)


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Thread: N64 controller question

Started by: EntanjirEntanjir

As far as i know too, Turbo controllers aren't allowed, so as long as it doesn't have a Turbo function it's ok.

Also depending on the game and community, using an adapter to use another controller (example: PS2 controller on Xbox), is SOMETIMES allowed.