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Personnaly i have no idea about most of these things, but there's one question i can answer to.

You can use any language you want, personnaly i'm french but i use english because i think it's better for the viewers and stuff. Just use what you like / want, just keep in mind that not everyone can understand that language, so you should expect peoples to ask a question at some point (nothing bad at all, it keeps the chat / game active in a way).


I think there's an issue... not sure.

PS: I though about making a topic for it but imo it's more like a feedback thing.


If you want coop there's also Resident Evil 5 & 6.

Maybe Revelations 2 too, not sure if this one has online coop for the campaign.

Otherwise there's also Scott Pilgrim VS The World: The Game, even if it's more like a Beat'Em All.

MASH and swingflip like this. 

It would have been better to ask that in the RE3 forums actually.

Anyway, like they said this is related to piracy, thus no one can help here, you'll have to search by yourself.

PS: Just looked on google, funny, i found it right away...


There's a "Request a game" feature in the "Games" part of the site. Please use it instead of asking in the wrong topic.


Well there's things to check and do actually, before streaming.

-Get a streaming program (XSplit, OBS, etc... personnaly i recommand OBS / Open Broadcasting Software)
-Get what's needed to capture your game (Dazzle, HD Capture Card, cables and splitters, etc)
-Make sure both works with each other (OBS with Dazzle or whatever the capture device is)
-Do a bitrate test (, check your UPLOAD rate, then from that, try different settings in OBS to find the resolution you like using and, mostly, that your Upload Bitrate can handle)
-Test your stream in OBS (there's a button Kappa ) everytime before you actually stream
-Should work

Useful link about Twitch and OBS:

Useful link with all "real" resolutions, this way you'll know wich ones to try instead of putting random numbers:

If the stream pixelizes: either the bitrate is too low for the type of game (Fast FPS game, etc), or your computer has too low specs and can't handle it correctly (it mostly happens with peoples that have less than 2.6GHz)

If you drop frames: try lower settings in generals, mostly, lower resolution, less things on your stream (less GIFs, lower-quality layout (JPEG instead of PNG for example).

Hope it helps, if not, feel free to ask more questions, i'm not alone here so i'm sure you'll get some help if i can't answer~


Um... may i suggest you post it in the forum of the game... ?
I think it just would be better there...


Go to "Games" -> "Request a game".



Depends what your definition of "longer run" is.

Still, i guess Pokémon games could be good, also maybe Zelda ALTTP ?


Welcome ! 🙂


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