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Thread: Console and Emulator differences

Started by: xDrHellxxDrHellx

Since i made a topic about the routes, may as well make one explaining how console and emulator works for Boktai.

Currently, there's 2 ways to play Boktai:

- Using an emulator with the Sunlight Patch
- Using a GBA, NDS, or the GameBoy Player on NGC with a BlackLight OR an UV flashlight.


Using an Emulator with the Sunlight Patch

This is the easier way of playing Boktai. With the patch, you can change the sunlight whenever you want, you can even have it at max, wich rarely happens on console, unless you're using special items and such, but it's not important for now.

But there's one problem: raising the sunlight with the patch can take a bit, and you basically raise it block by block, wich makes some strats do less damages (for example, using the sunlight against the Count will do less damages than with max sunlight).


Using the BlackLight / UV flashlight on a console

Normal light isn't detected by the solar sensor on the cartridges, only UV light are (cos', you know, the Sunlight sends some). Thus, only flashlights that emits UV light will affect the solar sensors. Blacklight emits some too.

Now, about the risks;
- If you're using a blacklight, make sure to turn it off whenever you don't need it (example: dialogs), otherwise the blacklight can get really hot after some time (2 - 3h+)

- Temperature affects the sunlight, in a way, the hotter the blacklight is, the more sunlight you will get, but that also increases your chances of getting an overheat during runs (wich is a reset)

- About UV flashlights, i do NOT know about temperatures, but one thing's for sure; you gotta turn it off whenever you don't need it too. If not for the flashlight itself, do it for the cartridge, would be a shame to break the sensor or anything during runs, right ?

- I'll put a link to an UV flashlight that currently, both I and DarkSun (Boktai 2 runner) uses. I have been told that not all UV flashlight works, so that way, you're sure to find one that works with the games. Plus, this flashlight gives more sunlight right off the bat compared to blacklights.

Anyway, any situation in-game where the blacklight / UV flashlight are better than the Sunlight Patch on emulator... well, there actually IS one.
When you switch these ON, unlike with the patch, the sun won't raise block by block.
If they're oriented good enough (you know, depending on where the cardtridge is), you will, most of the time, get atleast 4 blocks right away.

This makes some strats better, again, as an example, the Count fight will be better, technically.
Using the sunlight against him will do more damage.


UV Flashlight:

That's it for now, thanks for reading.


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Thread: Delete a Game Request

Started by: MindezMindez

Normally you'll be in charge of the games you requested, so you'll be able to change them entirely.


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Thread: Why do you speedrun?

Started by: Lance_Lance_

Personnaly, i speedrun mostly because i like the games i take care of.
For Initial D, it's mostly because of that.

For Boktai, that's a different story, i love the boktai games, but at the same time the boktai community has been dead for decades now, and i'd like that to change. I'm hoping it will, so i try to route the game correclty and not make it too complicated at the same time, in hope peoples join.

But yeah, at the same time, for me, games were always a part of the culture, and i think that's why i'm that interested in watching mostly, i like what i see, the games, the communities (even if sometimes they're... well, shit), and most of all, the passion.

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Thread: Advertisment/Fake Account

Started by: DaccioxDacciox

wow, now that's a lame streamer you've found there...


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Thread: Looking for new run

Started by: RetractRetract

Maybe these games could interest you if you're not about glitches and hours of practice;

- boktai: the sun is in your hands (no glitches so far, it's mostly about memorizing the route and boss strats)
- megaman battle network serie (lots of stuff to memorize imo, but not bad at all)
- barney's hide & seek game Kappa

There's obviously more games to add, but that's all i can think of for now.


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Thread: Pokemon speedrun Saving help

Started by: GanjaPandaGanjaPanda

I think you should ask that in the pokemon / related-game forums.


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Thread: Is it okay to play PS2 games on an older PS3?

Started by: boxcarsteveboxcarsteve

Unless stated otherwise i'd say it's okay.
You could always just say it when submitting runs anyway, if something is wrong someone will eventually tell you about it.

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Thread: Acceptable emulators

Started by: hummusnerdhummusnerd

"Can I play on an emulator?

If the emulator is accurate and the community for that game accepts emulator as a valid choice, then yes, you can. The most commonly used emulators for each system include:

NES - FCEUX 2.2.0
GB - bgb
SNES - SNES9x 1.53
GBA - VBA 1.7.2
Genesis/GameGear/SMS - Fusion
N64 - Project64 v1.7

For reference, the following emulators are globally banned for use in racing:

SNES - ZSNES, snes9x 1.4x
N64 - Project64 2.x
GBA - VBA-M (use VBA instead. If VBA does not support your GBA game, please contact an op.)"


So yeah, i guess you could just try another emulator, as long as you don't use the ones up-there that are globally banned it should be fine.

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Thread: Experiencing Twitch troubles recently

Started by: PackSciencesPackSciences

oh good luck then, they'll probably take ages to answer with something useless, like usual Kappa


Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: Experiencing Twitch troubles recently

Started by: PackSciencesPackSciences

Tried asking twitch staff instead ?
Otherwise, nope, all fine on my side, and never had that.


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Thread: General rules for games

Started by: XelnaXelna

i'm not lazy, and imo it's not a matter of that, it's just that it's a waste of time, it COULD be easier and faster.
Still, if you feel like wasting time, then fine, but personnaly i don't like spending 30mn just because there's too many different things.

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Thread: General rules for games

Started by: XelnaXelna

"Maybe you can just copy paste it at the beggining/ending of every category's rule like XeiZ did for Portal 1 ?!"

That's actually what i did on a leaderboard, it works, but still, it's a waste of time and whenever categories changes for X reason you have to waste even more time.


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Thread: Any tips for a new beginner?

Started by: RetractRetract

general tips:

- Remember it's only a game and you shouldn't take things too seriously, it ruins the fun (no fun = boring to play = shitty run Kappa )
- Learn at your own pace, don't try to rush things if you can't handle it, it's not like your life depends on it anyway
- H A V E F U N P L S
- If you can't decide what to run besides your current game, try with something you used to play, or something that actually looks good to you


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Thread: MH3U Leaderboard has been revamped!

Started by: CritLuckCritLuck

Nice to see someone that actually likes to take care of a leaderboard.
More peoples should actually be like that imo, nice work.

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Thread: Wanting to Delete a Game, but...

Started by: BlueInfinity22BlueInfinity22

imo even if it's a port it should be a separate leaderboard, but if it's badly managed maybe you should take care of that.
Especially if you did the Remix 1 & 2 leaderboards.