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Thread: New Game? or New Game+?

Started by: pekoronpekoron

@DanteyueDanteyue Hello.
The key for C ending only shows up after you've completed the game (A ending) and saved your game.

The key and C ending are New Game+ only.

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Thread: - Setting up and configuring a leaderboard on SR.C

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

From what i'm reading, this is really good.

Great work !

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Forum: Sword of Mana

Thread: Any% Heroine Notes (In Progress)

Started by: shade_theshade_the

i wanted to do this a while ago but didn't have the motivation to do it, i'm glad someone else started working on writing down the route

keep it up 👌


Forum: Sword of Mana

Thread: Questions

Started by: xDrHellxxDrHellx

Thanks for the heads up !


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Thread: I will glitch hunt for you!

Started by: turtlebiasturtlebias

Welp, that escalated quickly


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: First time speedrunning and forgot to split

Started by: [Deleted user]


the only splits that really matters are the first one (run starts) and last one (run ends)

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Thread: Active tabs in sidebar

Started by: PacPac

- User profiles : all good
- Leaderboards : all good (on the ones i manage atleast)
- Series pages : "Edit series" button isn't highlighted

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Thread: Private Messages! (Beta)

Started by: PacPac

This is awesome news !
Thanks for finally adding it !


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Thread: Stupid Question, What's your favorite childhood TV show?

Started by: Mario160Mario160

That's a hard question because i liked way too many lol

Though, the ones i still remember, because i REALLY liked them are :

Card Captor Sakura
Totally Spies


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Speedruns for begginers

Started by: CousinveechieCousinveechie


this is a bit too vague, which types of games do you like most ? how much time would you allow for runs ?
which platforms / consoles ?

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Thread: Silly question about emulators and their legality

Started by: WilsoonWilsoon


Some emulators are allowed, some other ones are banned because of being too inaccurate compared to consoles.
If you're curious about which emulators are banned, or usually allowed, you can check this old, but good topic :

But asking about emulators being allowed, and if so, which ones when learning a game can be a good idea as well.

As for the legal perspective :
Technically the emulators themselves shouldn't be illegal, however for the roms themselves, that'd be different.
Though roms that came from official shops (for example: Virtual Console on eshop) aren't affected : you buy them, it runs an emulator that nintendo or whoever made the console you're playing on made with the rom inside it.

Merry Christmas.


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Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

Not sure if this has been mentionned before, but with the new markdown system there are some issues if you add images in category rules :

As you can see, the image goes outside of the box.

Also, another thing i've noticed : so you have the lists, you can see the little circles (or whatever they are) next to each element of the lists ;
If you haven't edited rules in a while, the circles won't show and you'll get a " - " instead.
However, if you go to the settings, edit and save, the " - " changes to circles.

EDIT : It seems like the images going outside of the box comes from lists, because for each list element it adds some padding to the right. Images aren't resized as well, so if they're too big, it gets even worse.


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Want to start speedrunning and had some questions . . .

Started by: queenchanleenqueenchanleen

Hey hey


Anyone have some tips and resources to get started?

A good start would be checking the leaderboards for the games, there's most likely resources on them.
If they have a link to a discord server, you could join it and get in touch with the community.


if you play a PS1 or PS2 game on PC emulator, does it count as PS1 or PS2? Or do you need to physically play on a PS1 or PS2?

When you submit runs, you can check an option that adds "EMU" (for emulator) on your run. Checking it would be what you wanna do.

However, you'd want to ask the community for each game to see if they accept emulator or not, and if they do, which emulators are accepted.
Though PS2 emulation isn't that good afaik.
As for OPL (Open PS2 Loader), which lets you play PS2 isos through HDD or USB on an actual PS2, you should always ask the game community. It's not always accepted but there are exceptions (such as Haunting Ground / DEMENTO for example).


how do you get a timer on that thing?

The timer is always a separate program, on PC the best one atm is LiveSplit.
Basically, you start it, you set things up, and then when streaming or recording (for example with OBS Studio), you add it as a source so it shows on your stream or recording.

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Thread: wanting to learn ds1 speedrun

Started by: ruthamcauquanghongruthamcauquanghong

you should probably ask this in the ds1 forum (or discord if they have one), you'd get more answers


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Thread: Question about a point system

Started by: RCanon86RCanon86

pretty sure Cyberscore would be a better option for points

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Am I at a disadvantage on a controller?

Started by: thatwasablessinthatwasablessin


Easy to get them when there's very little competition

That's actually not always true
Some games, despite having small communities or next-to no competition, have pretty optimized times

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