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Forum: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game

Thread: Game

Started by: MiphaSRMiphaSR

From what i know you can't get the game legally anymore, it's not on Xbox Store or PSN anymore, and there aren't any codes to download it directly anymore afaik.

I think if someone shares an account that purchased the game you might be able to redownload it though, not sure.


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Thread: Help ?

Started by: DracaarysTrophyDracaarysTrophy

> if the image is on your PC, upload it somewhere (imgur or other website)
> get the image link
> post the link
> submit reply / post
> done

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Forum: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Thread: Level Run Rules Clarification

Started by: IronInfidel47IronInfidel47


If it's for ILs, these are allowed afaik, in fact the bandana is pretty good for most boss fights.

Also, some items may prevent you from getting S rank, however the bandana isn't one of them.


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Thread: What song do you listen to right now ?

Started by: Arsenalfan789Arsenalfan789

"I wanna be your Secret Love forever !

Do what you feel !
Make my Dream come True ! ! ~

I wanna be your Secret Love forever !

Set me on Fire,
Never say GoodBye..."


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: MAJOR skip for Crash 3! (N-Sane Trilogy)

Started by: sketchycosmossketchycosmos

You should post this on the N-Sane Trilogy forum...

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Thread: [Discussion] Twitch removing ad-free viewing from Prime

Started by: MitsuneeMitsunee

Couldn't care less about this change tbh

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Thread: Am I allowed to use a hard drive in my PS2 to speed up loading?

Started by: LemurLemmingsLemurLemmings

If you're using OPL for this you should always ask the mods of the game, it shouldn't always be allowed because OPL isn't really legit to begin with.
However if you're not using OPL and the game has an "Install to HDD" option, then it shouldn't be a problem since it's a legit option (as in, an official "method").

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Relaxing speed games?

Started by: ChurchNEOHChurchNEOH

Tempted to say Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, sub 2 hours is a thing (if you know the route that is).
Imo it's relaxing but that might just be me.

Otherwise, Densetsu No Stafy is pretty relaxing (any% glitchless atleast, wich is 50 ~ 1h10 long i'd say), and so is Initial D Gaiden (racing game that's very easy to pick-up, controls are really simple, ILs are really optimized in general though, also if you try it out make sure to go into the option menu and enable musics first, otherwise you'll probably end up with a headache, also, story modes can take up to 20mn at most i'd say).


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: GBA Emulator

Started by: TruekingpwnyTruekingpwny

VBA is innaccurate in most cases, iirc most people se either Bizhawk or VBA-rr (VBA-M as well ?).
If you're not sure you should probably ask the community of the game you want to run tbh.


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Thread: Would you allow something like this?

Started by: emeraldalyemeraldaly

Imo that shouldn't be allowed, unfair advantage, also if you can't do this via the game's settings then it's even worse.


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Thread: What song do you listen to right now ?

Started by: Arsenalfan789Arsenalfan789

Yep, eurobeat again...

...because there is never enough eurobeat !


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Hai, the Initial D community would like to be removed from the following leaderboards :

He hasn't been on the site for 4 months, and he's also not on the community discord.

Thanks in advance.

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Thread: Bots deletion thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Not a bot but may as well delete the account tho.

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