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Thread: Capture card for DS/3DS?

Started by: jag2791jag2791

I'm too lazy to explain everything again, so :

In this thread we discussed about GBA, DS, and also mentionned 3DS capture cards (capture boards in DS & 3DS' cases)
You'll definitly find your answer there.


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Thread: Looking for a speedrunner

Started by: SteleleStelele

You're not looking for a speedrunner, what you're looking for is free advertizing and walkthroughs

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Thread: Can't seem to add a default Platform to runs without one set

Started by: callumbalcallumbal

If the game can be played on both Wii and GC, both should be enabled on the leaderboard.
That's it.


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Thread: Cheaters

Started by: Bug_PlayBug_Play

There is no button, you contact them via social media, if they have any, or through the game leaderboard's forum


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Thread: Trophy count on profiles

Started by: C4cTuSC4cTuS


I don't see the point...

showing off ofc

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Thread: snes emus are disappearing ive noticed

Started by: HughTahoobHughTahoob


Didn't know it was competition banned here for speedrunning though that's something I just found out about.

There's actually quite a few emulators that aren't allowed in general for speedrunning, mostly because they aren't accurate enough.

We've had many topics about wich emulators were "valid" for runs, and wich ones weren't.
While i can't find the biggest one (wich had a lot of comments from many users mentioning wich emulators communities were using and why), here's a decent one with a quick reference about wich emus are banned :


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Thread: New site layout!

Started by: PacPac

Looking great, overall it's waaaaaaay better than before (though it'll take me some time for the new forums look, a bit too used to the old one...).

Anyway, i checked some leaderboards and it seems we can't change backgrounds anymore ?
I also tried changing the banner on a leaderboard but it doesn't seem to work ? Tried cleaning the browser cache but doesn't seem to change anything still.

Oh also, making changes to leaderboards switched from "god this is so painful" to "ok this'll be easy", mostly because not everything shows up at the same time, wich makes it waaaaaaaaay easier to focus on stuff (imo)


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Thread: Speedrunning Documentary - Interviews

Started by: JThomasJThomas

Kinda interested as well, however i'd like more info first :V


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Thread: Resigning as Admin

Started by: kirkqkirkq

Thanks for all the work you've done.
4.5 years though ? Damn, time flies, i think when i joined you weren't part of the staff, or maybe didn't have such an important role.

All this makes sense, in fact, some of the things you said felt really relatable.
Take care, good luck with life and such, and again, thanks for all the things you've done with / for this site.

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Thread: Adding the finished game

Started by: xDrHellxxDrHellx

Hey, any chance you guys could add a category for the finished game ? There's only categories for the demos

Also, would be nice to add subcategories for both characters, bad and true ending, and maybe difficulties

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Thread: Streaming DS/Gameboy Games

Started by: WereisTheWolfWereisTheWolf

Well, where i live, there's a retro store that sells GB Players, usually the guy would always sell the disc with the GBP for 30~, so i guess i'm just lucky

Otherwise, if you can't be as lucky and get a disc with the GBP for cheap, GBi is probably better yeah
It'll probably save some money in the long run, on top of having, afaik, higher quality when recording

As for DS capture boards, i wanted to avoid advertizing, but if there's scammers, then i may as well share where i got mine i suppose

Got mine from wich is apparently ran by the same guy that did
If you want to go for a DS capture board, i'd definitly recommend these, though it might not be the cheapest option since merki is in the EU (shipping to US in general is ridiculously expensive)

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Thread: Streaming DS/Gameboy Games

Started by: WereisTheWolfWereisTheWolf

If you don't want to go for emulators, then :

- Use a Gamecube with GB Player, then use a capture card to record (could be less expensive than second option, GB Players are around 30 and you'll need to buy some extra cables probably, also SD capture cards aren't too expensive compared to HD)
- Use a DS capture board (expensive), don't need a capture card to record since it's already in the DS, just need to connect the cables to PC (might need a USB soundboard to get rid of static noise from DS audio though)

DS :
- 2nd GBA option
- Use a 3DS capture board (probably more expensive than DS, unless you do the wi-fi streaming method, i don't know much about it though)

DS capture board can be from 65 to 200, depending on how you do it (install the capture board yourself or not, send a DS or not, etc)
3DS capture board, afaik, is 300+

(prices are in € since i'm in france)


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Thread: Game Request Question

Started by: TejonteTejonte

best of luck with the runs !
hopefully the game will be accepted on the website :3

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Thread: Game Request Question

Started by: TejonteTejonte

i see

i think showing folder download and installing on video would be too much (too annoying mostly)
if you find a way to make everyone use the same rates (same server, same settings, or anything similar), then you could just have that command in-game that shows exp when you kill mobs

I think doing things this way might be less troublesome, in the long-run it might make things easier as well when it comes to verifying runs

if the rates are the same, then the exp numbers would be the same in every runs (easy to spot people who modified the rates etc)
also, the base exp should be on database (ratemyserver being a very good one), it would be easy to find exp for mobs (if the rate is x10, take the exp from ratemyserver and multiply by 10, for example)

a week-long run sounds really long, but since it's a MMO, it makes sense

i think something fun could definitly be done, if the game is accepted (wich will probably be the hardest part, along with setting up the rules for every run)

i could see First Job or Second Job changes being fun categories, and if the job change quests are doable, there might be some strategy needed for them (for example Monk job change can be difficult if your Acolyte is too focused on the support role)
MVPs would also involve strategy, especially solo

If group-runs were to happen, i think it could be fun to do runs where everyone uses a different base class (Archer, Swordman, Acolyte, Thief, Magician, Merchant)

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