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Forum: Resident Evil 3 (2020)

Thread: Jill running speed

Started by: StarzRiserStarzRiser

Ah ok

I suppose it's not worth it then, interesting


Forum: Resident Evil 3 (2020)

Thread: Confusion

Started by: xDrHellxxDrHellx

honestly not sure how that can be missed


Forum: Resident Evil 3 (2020)

Thread: Jill running speed

Started by: StarzRiserStarzRiser

Is it really worth it to take damage on purpose to be on caution then ?
Is the speed difference still "big enough" ?


Forum: Resident Evil 3 (2020)

Thread: Confusion

Started by: xDrHellxxDrHellx


Leaderboards seem to be working as intended.

E-Excuse me ?

All the options are showing atleast twice, one of them shows nothing (so i guess that's the correct one if there's no 60 fps runs), and another one gives wrong results.

How is this "working as intended" ?
Do you mean to tell me this leaderboard is messy on purpose ?


livesplit is to help mods. Just a thing to help make sure the runs are clean.

Ah alright, that kinda makes sense, actually.


Forum: Resident Evil 3 (2020)

Thread: Confusion

Started by: xDrHellxxDrHellx

Hello, i've taken a look at the leaderboard and i'm really confused :

When selecting 60 FPS variables for showing runs, 120 FPS runs shows up instead (if i'm selecting 60 from the second FPS option, as the first one just hides every run... actually, why is everything showing up 2 times ?).

The rules asks for Livesplit to be on screen, yet it seems pointless : runs never mentions RTA at all (as in, it's not shown anywhere, all that matters seems to be IGT).

Any chance the leaderboard could be fixed ? Its a huge mess atm and it's making looking for strats (other than NG standard) very difficult.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: timing software.

Started by: icecreamcasticecreamcast

Livesplit is the best option atm
If your pc is having issues while running Livesplit though, you can use WSplit as an alternative (less customizable though)

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Thread: Bots deletion thread

Started by: GyooGyoo


Seems banned already, however the post is still there.

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Thread: Best games for a new speedrunner?

Started by: seancogan2seancogan2


what games are best for new speedrunners

Depends, while some games are easier to learn than others, you should also consider games you like and/or played casually.
Playing a game for a long time, even casually, helps eventually : you know how the game works, improvising is easier because you know the game, even a little.

Also, having fun, liking the game, it helps with motivation to do runs or try new strats / glitches i feel.


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Thread: resident evil 3

Started by: usain_boltusain_bolt


You should try asking this in the game's forum for better answers:


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Thread: PC Elite Plus - The call for the Elite Federation certificated, veteran, reserve Commanders, Archangels, and rookie Jamesons!

Started by: EliteMegaWeedEliteMegaWeed

I meant the fact that this looks like a big advertisement when this is a section about introducing Yourself

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Thread: What song do you listen to right now ?

Started by: Arsenalfan789Arsenalfan789

I'm searching for a New Beginning~


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: whats opl

Started by: Daniel_1RDDaniel_1RD

I believe you're talking about PS2 OPL.

OPL stands for Open PS2 Loader, it's a way to put game files (isos) on HDD.
That HDD would be connected to the PS2, you'd be able to play on it and have faster loading times.

You can also use an USB key instead of the HDD, though this will lead to very slow loading times (worse than legit copies).

Now, the big question : is it allowed ?

In most cases, probably not, however you should still ask the game's community about it.
Due to faster loading times, it's pretty unfair, especially for games that does not provide an "Install to HDD" option.

Afaik, this option isn't common, thus it'll be considered unfair for most PS2 games.

And now, the other big question : Emu or Console ?

The answer can vary based on peoples' point of view, but in my case :
If a game has an "Install to HDD" option (for example, Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2), i think it could be considered as Console run, though the comment on that run should mention it being played through OPL (ideally, maybe even add a filter to differenciate "legit" options and OPL).

If a game does not have the "Install to HDD" option, and if it is decided that OPL isn't banned from the leaderboard, the run should be considered Emulator (if the leaderboard separates Console and Emulator into different categories, like how Haunting Ground does it for example, it would be ok, because emulators have other advantages compared to "legit" options, however because they're all gathered under the same category, it matters less, because they're not being compared to "legit" options that way). Again, the comment on that run should mention if it was played through OPL.

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