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Thread: Getting the Japanese Version

Started by: WoadyBWoadyB

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There isn't any guide here, however:

1) Make a JP PSN account (There are guides online for this, also just in case remember to write down all the info for it)
2) Connect to JP PSN Store with it

3) Look for "デメント" or "DEMENTO" (if typing the kanjis is too difficult, try to locate the PS2 Horror games list on the store)
4) Check the price

5) Buy a a JP PSN Card (YEN) that has enough on it for the game (Play-Asia has some, however if it's your first time buying them, the credit card verification process can take a day or two)
6) Once you have the PSN Card code, use it to pay and download the game


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Thread: Best method to record a GBA game speedrun?

Started by: yanmeggoyanmeggo

How to record GBA games:

- Use a webcam or phone, point at the screen, make sure that it's easy to see what's going on (low-quality, but cheap)

- Use a Gamecube with the GameBoyPlayer (using the official GBP disc is ok, but GBinterface can lead to higher quality with the proper config)

- Use a DS Capture Board, though this only works with the first DS models (very expensive, hard to get nowadays, but that also means you can record DS games in very good quality)

I haven't followed the news too much, but i suppose that this could be a good start if you decide to keep using a DS:

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Thread: Is speedrunning Borderlands 2 a good idea for a first run?

Started by: TerraarTerraar

You should probably ask this in the game's forum instead, you'd most likely get more answers:

In fact there's an interesting topic in there that might be interesting for you:


Forum: Introductions

Thread: New Guy Has A Question

Started by: jackw8129jackw8129

Read the rules before submitting though.

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Thread: is under new ownership

Started by: PacPac

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Thanks for everything you've done Pac, i think it's safe to say that speedrunning wouldn't be where it is now without this website.
I still remember when it was new, actually. Even back then it was already so much better than using GSheets and other things to keep track of runs.

I am curious how things will be in the future.
Anyway, take care, hope things goes well on your side.

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Thread: Examples of leaderboards with cool/creative logos

Started by: Oreo321Oreo321

Pretty simple, but the idea was to do something similar to the english logo (same as the one you can see for the serie, except that "Initial" replaces the kanjis)

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Thread: SMO CCS

Started by: PurdyOctolingYTPurdyOctolingYT

You should probably post this in the SMOdyssey forum

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Thread: sr.c language change

Started by: AlexisDRAlexisDR

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After clicking on your name in the upper right :


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Thread: Using mouse and keyboard on a console game

Started by: EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly

This is really special, atleast imo.

Because you can just buy that thing to play with mouse and keyboard on PS3, i think it's "fair", as everyone could buy it.
At the same time though, it costs money, and i think about to spend extra amounts to "stay competitive" isn't always a good thing (says the guy that spends way too much on UV setups for Boktai Kappa ).

I think the best solution, for now that is, would be to allow it, and maybe add a variable on runs, with "Keyboard / Mouse" and "Controller" as options.
The variable would mostly be there to keep track of which runs uses what, for now it wouldn't do much, but i think in the future, if you have to change things again, it would be really helpful. On top of that you could use it to see what people uses the most on console, which, again, could be helpful in the long run.

Anyway, this thing costs about 20$ it seems, i think that's alright (though it's still a decent amount for "just one game").
I think if it costed more, like, say, 50+, it shouldn't be allowed, because clearly not everyone could afford spending that much just for running a game.


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Thread: An online game you've played the longest ever ?

Started by: [Deleted user]

Ragnarok Online, 7 ~ 8 years iirc, not counting the mobile versions


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Thread: texture pack allowed?

Started by: EisenPlayzEisenPlayz

i think you should ask this in the game's forum, you'd get more responses

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Thread: Do I submit a new run or edit the previous one?

Started by: [Deleted user]

Submit a new run.
Never edit for this.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Q: How often should I run/practice? Also finding a game to settle on?

Started by: Loa_WolfeLoa_Wolfe

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My goal and how I see it right now is to be a top runner for a game while having the option to run a second game just for fun or to go to when I get burnt out on the other.

Might be better to just start your second game with a casual playthrough then.
I think it would be better for you that way.

If you like the game enough after playing it casually, you could consider running it.
I think in the long run that would help, otherwise i believe you would end up taking the second game too seriously, or just not like it enough to keep things fun.

(It's possible that it works differently for you, but for me, that goes well)


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Q: How often should I run/practice? Also finding a game to settle on?

Started by: Loa_WolfeLoa_Wolfe

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Sounds like you're just trying to do too much.
Speedrunning should be a fun activity, don't go too hard on it.

Take it easy.
Getting good can be important depending on your goals, however sometimes it takes a while, you can't always rush things.

The important part is having a good time.

Also, maybe interacting with the communities for your games would help, especially if they do races.
It's a good opportunity to practice, derust, and have fun without taking things too seriously.

Plus, you can learn things from others. It may sound weird, but just talking about strats can be enough. Some strats are easy enough to be learned that way.

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