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Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Hello, my run has not been checked for about a month and the moderator has not visited for 3 months, the discord is not indicated, it is inactive on twitch.


Forum: American Dragon Jake Long: Attack Of The Dark Dragon

Thread: Battle Mode

Started by: www_jqwex

Add the battle mode, please.


Forum: Aladdin 2000 (SNES Bootleg)

Thread: Category.

Started by: www_jqwex

Hi, add categories for this game, please


Forum: FIFA 06

Thread: Category.

Started by: www_jqwex

Make new categories, please.


Forum: Ranma ½: Battle Renaissance

Thread: Skip.

Started by: www_jqwex

Hello, can’t you tell on the gamepad how to skip a fight?


Forum: Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

Thread: R2RB N64 Fast Strats (Arcade Mode)

Started by: P1ZZAC4TP1ZZAC4T

Thanks, useful, you helped me a lot.

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Forum: FIFA 99

Thread: N64

Started by: www_jqwex

Hi, create a separate category under N64.