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Welcome to WWJSRFHD 3.0

WWJSRFHD, as always, stands for WeWantJetSetRadioFutureHD.

Even after two legendary marathons, Sega still hasn't made JSRF HD. So now we have to all get together again and speedrun games.

When: Late July, ideally the 28-30th

Submissions are open currently here:

They'll stay open for a few months most likely.

Looking forward to seeing some top-tier speedgames, thank you.


Do we have to speedrun one of the JSR games, or is it any game? Also, will this be an online event, or will we have to go somewhere for the marathon?


Any game is open for submission, and it'll be online so you don't have to travel for it. As long as you can stream you can run.

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Is there a limit on how long the game we're submitting can be?

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I mean try to keep it under 20 hours but it all really depends on how it fits into the rest of the schedule

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I remember one of the previous marathons wanting thematically appropriate submissions (games of the era, or in a similar style). Is that still the case? If so, I got nuffin'. But if not, I'll gleefully submit a few things.


Great! Another question, is the 'Run Video' in the submission form for normal videos of the run or videos with commentary on certain tricks and stuff?


"Run video" is basically just submitting any run of the game that you've done, just so I can check out you playing the game.\

Discord for the event is here:


Wouldnt it be a better idea to push the date a bit further away from the ESA week? I'm gonna be attending ESA myself so at the current date I wouldnt be able to run.