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Everyone playing should switch to Japanese. Anyone starting should start with Japanese. I thought English was faster in 100% (or you should use whichever language you were good with) but Japanese is the best. This isn't due to text speed or glitches, but rater difficulty. The Japanese microgames are ever so slightly more forgiving than the USA ones at least. It's definitely not something that was obvious to find out.

Now that that's discovered, can my English runs be removed from the leaderboard?


What do you mean by "more forgiving"? Because longer to do actions would obviously be slower, and "difficulty" outside of that would surely be the same speed as long as you don't fail? Unless you're saying it somehow extends to like, boss HP on like Crygor and Dribble (which seems super unlikely)?

Also completely unsure why that would mean to remove English runs lol

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Just because it's "easier" doesn't mean it's faster, but might be more beginner friendly if that's what you meant. But I'm actually interested to know if there are actual differences between regions, like text speed or something.

Also, if you want your runs removed (For whatever reason lmao) I'm pretty sure you can do it yourself 🙂 no need to be bothering mods


Before, both of my runs were on the leaderboard. Now, just my PB. Really, use any version you want. Anyone else want to try 100%?

In 100%, easier is faster because it makes unlocking microgames faster.