If you have category ideas, please post them here to reduce clutter in the forum.

When requesting a category, please make sure you have:
-A category name
-A run of the category
-A basic ruleset for the category

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We could add all sports no baseball+, being just All Sports+ from the regular boards without baseball:

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Francesco: Added. Make sure you include a ruleset next time you request a category, chief.

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I thought I didn't need one because it was just the same rules as All Sports+ but with no baseball Kappa

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"9 Hole 4 Players"

Finish all 9 holes with four players on one conole.
Timing begins upon selecting "9-Hole Game".
Timing ends when ball disappears in final hole for the final Mii.

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Cmdr: Added

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Can there also be just like 4 player golf but 2 and 3 player golf? Same rules.

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"Perfect Bowling"
Must get a 300 in bowling. Time starts when you press A for the 2nd Time to get control of your bowler. Time ends when you the Game Over screen appears

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I think perfect bowling would be a great idea.


This category would be obsolete really quick because runners can just reset each run and try to get it on the first try, also this will quickly be very optimized and not worth running. I’m no mod but that’s my opinion

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I see what you mean.


I like the idea but I believe it'll be ran by a few people since it's pretty difficult to get a perfect score in itself, for people like me. But despite that, I feel like it has potential to be a thing

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(edited: )

On top of adding a perfect score bowling category, i believe a blindfolded boxing category should be a thing. I've looked up for any times but no one has seemed to do it yet! I'm going to start getting some times prepared! Also, has anyone thought of blindfolded bowling? Edit: My best time i could get for blindfold boxing rtp is 14:25.

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"All Sports Blindfolded"

All Sports rules to be used, with the addition of having to be blindfolded the entirety of the run.


I think all sports blindfold will be great addition. But the only added rule is that you need facecam. I think you should join the discord and get in contact with the mod team. (Mainly plyd and cmdr)


This is a lite all medals category I came up with, talked about it in the discord but never really got a clear response from the mods. I did for another variant, just not this one.

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Everyone wants those, even plyd thinks give up 3 hole would be fun


Giveup wouldn’t be fun imo


3 hole giveup can be too easily optimized, 3hole x10 just seems arbitrary, and while I wouldn't mind Blind 3 hole and 3 hole no driver, I somehow doubt that no driver would be added. Also, remember that you need at least 4 people to do runs of a category before it can be considered.

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