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I have compared ps2 WH1 to Xbone,ps4,wii, and have found some startling differences.

1. PS2 if faster paced then all the other AES's.
2. PS2 has way tougher/more aggressive AI then all the other AES's.
3. Wii/Xbone/Ps4 Seem to all be based on the original arcade version, damage is higher then ps2,ai much easier to deal with.
4. PS2 seems to be its own version that functions differently then all the other AES's.
5. I'm not sure on this but PS2 version has a "stun" lock exploit that may or may not be present on the other AES versions someone needs to help test that.

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Gonna test this soon when i get the chance. Nice stun lock. Will do a side by side to compare ps2 vs aes. If there are findings that the PS2 has an advantage over aes then most likely will get its own category. Thanks for pointing this out and nice run 🙂

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