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Category Idea: All Prizes
California, USA

So for a while now I've been doing something on my stream called "All Prizes". The rules have been that you must win the game 6 times, winning the 6 prizes available in the game. If you lose a game, you must try to win that prize again. Time starts after completing your name entry on the first game (as usual), and ends when the "You Have Won This Fabulous Prize" screen pops up for the 6th unique prize you've won. You don't have to win the prizes in any particular order.

A lot of people have been saying that it should be added as a category, so I decided to open this thread to get that conversation started.

I've been running it as "vs CPU" but there's no reason for it to be limited to that. I think it would be best if the leaderboard was arranged as 2 main categories with two sub-categories each. Either "Single Game" and "All Prizes" as the mains, with "Any%" and "vs CPU" as the subs, or the other way around. (my vote would be for the former)

And even though I've only been doing this for the standard WoF, there's no reason Junior and Family Edition can't have the same categories. (I'm not very familiar with "featuring Vanna White", so don't know what the Prize situation is)

So what do people think? Anyone else like the idea of "All Prizes"?

Below is my current 'All Prizes vs CPU' PB, a 35:06. My splits are set-up so that each individual prize can be measured as a single game run.

Ohio, USA

i say just have all prizes be a third category and have it be against cpu. if people start running all prizes no cpu then we can add that later.

California, USA

well, i WAS planning on running no cpu version of this in the near future.

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