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The Slaying of Hydra - Prologue

Battle of Yiling

Battle of the Ueda Castle 1m 15s

Battle of Dongkou

Battle of Souchun

Battle of Nagashino

Battle of Odawara Castle

Breakthrough at Yiling

Battle of Tetorigawa

Battle of Yiling - Redux

Battle of Mt. Niutou

Struggle at Ueda Castle

Rescue At Taoshui

Battle of Nagashino - Redux

Rescue at Dongkou

Battle of Odawara Castle - Redux

Retreat from Mt. Niutou

Battle of Nanjun

Invasion Of Mikatagahara

Invasion of Souchun

Breakthrough at Chibi

Breakthrough at Mikatagahara

Counterattack at Nagashino

Battle of Kyüshü

Battle of Anegawa

Battle of Hasedo

Battle of Hasedo - Redux

Battle of Nanzhong

Battle of Mt. Dingjun

Battle of Xuchang 2m 27s

Battle of Sekigahara

Battle of Luoyang

Battle of Mt. Xingshi

Battle of Jiangdong

Heroes of Komaki-Nagakute

Battle of Mt. Dingjun - Redux

Diversion at Mt. Xingshi

Battle of Xuchang - Redux

Battle of Liang Province 3m 02s
3m 15s

Ambush at Kyüshü

Battle of Taoshui

Battle of Jiange

Battle of Mikatagahara

Chaos at Tetorigawa

Purge of Nanzhong

Battle of Xu Province

Infiltration at Anegawa

Battle of Yan Province

Siege of Mt. Dingjun

Battle of Liaodong

Pursuit of Da Ji

Battle of Tong Gate

Battle of Yangping Gate

Battle of Changban

Batle of Shizugatake

Battle of Honnöji

Battle of Fan Castle

Battle of Yamazaki

Batle of Chendu

Battle of Hulao Gate

Battle of Ôsaka Castle

Siege of Tong Gate

Battle of Tong Gate - Redux

Breakthrough at Guangzong

Battle of Changban - Redux

Defense of Jieting

Battle of Honnöji - Redux

Liberation of Luo Castle

Battle of Fan Castle - Redux

Battle of wan Castle

Battle of Guangzong

Battle of Luo Castle

Battle of Jieting

Rescue at Yiling

Siege of Souchun

Defense of Yangping Gate

Ambush at Tong Gate

Ambush at Yangping Gate

Assistance at Changban

Vindication of the Nobility

Defense of Nanjun

The Swordsman's Challenge

The Slaying of Hydra - Chapiter 4

Orochi's End

Susano'o's Last Stand

1m 29s

The Demise of Orochi X

Into the Fire

Battle of Hefei

Battle of Komaki-Nagakute

Siege of Luoyang

Salvation at Nagashino

Prelude to Apocalypse 1m 37s

World's End

Mock Battle on the Wuzhang Plains 1m 08s
1m 56s
1m 58s
2m 01s

The Chaos Revisited

Raid at Honnöji

Struggle at Nanjun

The Search for the Mirror

Defense of Tetorigawa

Rescue at Yan Province

Investigation at Mt. Niutou

Intringue in Xuchang

Insurrection at Jiange

Battle of Itsukushima

The Search of Da Ji

A Simple Misunderstanding

Clash at Shizugatake

Clash at Hefei

Clash at Yamazaki

Escape from the Mirror Realm

The Imprisonment of Tamamo

Defense of the Mystic Realm

Rescue of the Heavenly Emperor

War in the Mystic Realm 3m 51s

War Against the Serpent King

The Battle against Tamamo

Pursuit of Kyübi

Showdown at Odawara Castle 4m 29s

Struggle at Nanjun - Mirror Realm

Defense of Tetorigawa - Mirror Realm

Rescue at Yan Province - Mirror Realm

Investigation at Mt. Niutou - Mirror Realm

Intringue in Xuchang - Mirror Realm

Insurrection at Jiange - Mirror Realm

The Battle against Tamamo - Mirror Realm

Rescue of the Mystics

Escape from the Mystics Realm

Disturbance In Liang Province

In Search for the Self

Revenge of the Fox