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I've developed a simple Auto Splitter for the game, to be used with LiveSplit on ePSXe 2.0.5.
The splitter is for the NTSC version of the game (Wipeout XL) since that seems to be the faster of the two, although if someone is interested in having it work with the PAL version it is definitely doable.

The script will automatically perform a split every time that the player ends a race in the first place. The split is performed in the exact moment the player reaches the finish line.
Right now the splitter does not perform auto-start or auto-reset of the timer, so those actions must be performed manually.

You can find the splitter and installation instructions here:

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to ask. If you want to contribute to the splitter, feel free to open a PR on the GitHub project.

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I tried it a few times and it works well, thanks for this useful tool !
Are you planning on adding auto-start ?
Also, how does it basically works ?


I did add an auto-start at one point, but it tended to be triggered randomly and was thus more annoying than useful, so I removed it.

The way this works is that it scans the emulators' memory for some specific values: the number of laps in the race, the human players' current position (1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on), whether the game is currently loading and every players' current lap.

Basically the script is constantly watching those values and saying "Has any player finished the race? If yes, was the human player the winner?"
If both conditions are true, the split is performed.

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Splitter update:

I managed to detect the paused/loading state of the game, and have thus been able to add the following features:
- Auto start
- Load time removal

Please note the following:
- Auto start works by starting the timer if the game was not paused (= you are in the main menu) and then becomes paused (= you're loading a new race). This means that the timer may start automatically in "inappropriate" moments. For example, if you stop the timer while in a race but still keep on playing, the timer will start once the race ends and the game starts loading the next race/the main menu.
- I've been unable to find a value that tells me the game is explicitly LOADING and not just "stopped". This means that the timer auto-stops even when you pause the game - I don't expect this to be a problem, since the only reason you would want to pause the game is if you're resetting the run.
- Load time removal is only applied to timers that use game time. Since it's not the accepted timing method for this game, you should always display the real-time timer alongside it.

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