Simultaneous A + dpad trick
2 years ago

Hey! I was messing around a bit tonight while working on grinding out a few attempts to remember the stage order a bit better and remembered a time where I thought I'd flipped gravity + moved at the same time, so I tried messing around with it a bit.

I need to do some further testing to get the exact details, but if you hit A and a direction at the same time on any stage, there's a few different neat effects that can happen.

World 3: You can move + flip at the same time, which can often save you the time of falling, or let you sneak under a falling object you normally wouldn't be able to

World 5: You can move + swap at the same time. Requires the square next to your origin point that you're moving in the direction of to be open, and the spot that you'd normally swap to also to be open. You can use this to clip into walls in some cases, or swap in the air where you'd normally just fall.

World 6: If above key and you move left or right at the same time as picking it up, you'll zip around the screen for a moment and wind up one square to the left or right of the key, which can be used to clip into blocks or walls. If you're holding the key above your head and move forward and press A at the same time, you can move and place the key one tile forward at the same time, useful for when you need to move onto a ladder square and also put the key on top of the ladder.

World 7: If you move and swap at the same time, the swap is effectively a buffered swap - the character moves and swaps at the same time, but you can't move the character you swapped to until gravity finishes buffering. Probably not a particularly amazingly useful trick for the sake of a full game speedrun, but can be nice for ILs.

Next time I play I'll try and put together a list of findings of where it's actually useful, but my most recent run has a couple of examples of this being used at the very least and I wanted to at least write this out.

Here's a couple of clips I made of it being useful, at least: 3-9:



Victoria, Australia

Awesome work!! And congrats on sub 18. These new tricks are great.

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