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Thread: Changelog | 15th April 2021

Started by: winona_rarwinona_rar

1. New Category: Paint%

2. Rephrased pre-1.16 rules.

3. For Any% RSG pre-1.16, runs under 18 minutes must now be submitted with world files.

4. New mod by DuncanRuns available in the resources tab! It's a fabric mod that's legal on the boards. If you use the mod, be sure to select the "Icarus" option from the mod list when submitting.

5. Elder Guardian SSG is now not applicable due to the similarity between the original category and the Icarus one.


Forum: Minecraft: Datapack & Modded CE

Thread: Rule update | 9th February 2021

Started by: winona_rarwinona_rar

Some minor rule updates since Icarus keeps getting increasingly more popular

1. For the sake of making the process of showing your installed datapacks easier for everyone, doing "/datapack list" is now REQUIRED to do after every run, runs that don't include it will be rejected

2. The requirement of showing the F3 menu will be more enforced, any run that doesn't show it during/at the end will be rejected

3. Runs using Fabric API will be rejected. Please use fabric loader

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Thread: Big problems with leaderboards and run visibility

Started by: winona_rarwinona_rar

A small team moderates the leaderboard for Minecraft Icarus speedrunning (, we constantly run into countless problems with the leaderboard and visibility of runs. One of the main categories, the pre 1.16 leaderboard doesn't display any runs, even though we verified a good few of them. They all show on the user's individual accounts, but the leaderboard stays empty, and this is the common theme for the entire game, sometimes entire leaderboards of runs are missing and a lot of the time individual runs don't show up at all on other boards, like the current world record for 1.16 rsg is just missing. We tried to mess with all the settings of individual categories and variables, even swapped them around, and the entire board just appears to be bugged. Is there anything we can do/did wrong or is it on the side of the website/API


Forum: Minecraft: Datapack & Modded CE

Thread: icarus download

Started by: PastapaladsPastapalads

in the Resources tab on the left side of the website

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