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Is emulator allowed? I read the rules and it didn't say anything about emulators being banned


Long story short, No. Emulators are not allowed.

Reason: I myself, Allenbot, actually caused this whole thing. I started doing Wii Sports speedruns around late 2018 and did a few runs on my original NTSC wii which were not the best runs and was ranked really low on the leaderboard. Then around late/early 2018/2019, I took speedrunning more seriously and started getting better times. Due to convenience sake, and the fact my wii was in the living room, I started doing runs on emulator on my laptop. Which was when it came to the attention of mods, such as GLand, that my loading times on emulator were wayy faster. For example, the loading time for golf pressing start to the first image after a black screen on console is arround 4 seconds, which my emulator (Dolphin) took 2 seconds. This of course, poses and unfair advantage and I understoodably stopped running on emulator. Then some people, including myself, thought of removing all emulator runs, when someone (i forgot his name) brought up the fact that the rule change was posed after we had did our runs on emulator so those times should stay. They do not show up on the main leaderboard but you can enable it in filters. At this point, emulators really are inaccurate and pretty much the only way to run Wii Sports is through a Wii or Wii U. Thank you for reading this if you actually did and I hope you have a nice day aqple.