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I had an idea that we have a catagory for individual sports, tennis, bowling, boxing, and baseball (for baseball batting and pitching as sub catagories) should this be added?

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the run would be doing a sport, for example: you try to beat tennis asap, with the same timing as all sports


This was requested over a year ago. The general consensus is that just one match is pretty arbitrary for a full category, but if there's support from other people and multiple people run it, there's a chance it could be added to Category Extensions:


I say we add it to CE as Individual Level. It would interesting for people just to see what a theoretical fastest run would be.


can't there be like fastest 300 in bowling? i mean sure emb and alaska would probably be the only ones who would succeed but it be fun


I was also thinking this and what about the possibility of All Sports no Boxing because currently I dont have a working Nunchuk and its would just be all sports if you didn’t have a Nunchuk. It could be added in the future to CE