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Is the Nintendo Selects copy of Wii Sports what causes the intro with the teams at the beginning of baseball?


No, it's the original version that causes the intro. You want the Nintendo Selects copy to be able to skip that and save time.


I must have the original in the Nintendo Selects case then


Hmm. I don't know why I get the intro, then.


What year does it say when you load up the game?


Mine also says that and I also get the cut scene. I'm assuming the cut scene skip version just says copyright 2006.


Are there any other notable differences between versions, because I might try to track down that one if it's worth it.


I'm pretty sure it's only the baseball intro, which loses a significant amount of time.


In the 1.00 version, the fielders will not throw to first on an infield hit, also saving around a half second per hit

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Wouldn't this raise a question of fairness as to whether or not Alaskaxp2 would still have the All Sports world record if he had to see the cutscene?


the cutscene is like 5 seconds long. It’s no question that he would still have the record