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EmoadNomad had an asnb run in June that he submitted where the ball was bouncing out of the hole on hole 3 and he paused and quit out mid bounce. This led to community discussion and a community vote on what to do in the discord server. 2 Votes were held. One asked when to allow quitting in golf and one asked when to end timing for normal golf runs such as 9 hole.

From now on, runners must wait for the "Chip-in" text to appear if it is a chip in to quit out of golf. With putts, it's still the standard disappearing in hole timing. Current runs with chip ins when they exit will have a 4s penalty added on to their final time to compensate for the new rule.

Additionally, formal timing for normal golf runs now end on when the ball LAST disappears. The previous rule was when it FIRST disappears.

These two rule changes were both decided over a community vote where the overwhelming majority voted for these two options. The rules have already been changed on the leaderboards to reflect the new rules. Please be patient if you are currently submitting runs (30+ unverified runs waiting right now) as the mods are going through the WHOLE leaderboard, including category extensions, to retime runs.

Please ask any questions about these new rules if you have them.

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I think I speak for the majority of the community when I say that you've done an awesome job with this, Plyd. Good luck to you and the mod team!

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thank GOD we finally sorted this out, yall mods are godsends. tysm

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