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I personally think there should be an All Sports No Baseball category. The baseball part is a fair amount RNG which might discourage new runners. It would be a good beginner category and would come down more to optimizations as opposed to a good chunk of RNG for 2-3 minutes of a run.
It would be the same rules as normal All Sports (not All Sports+).
Just a suggestion, would love to get some form of feedback.


We actually had this brought up about a month ago. Something that was suggested was a category called "All Sports: No Mercy Rule" Combining the easy baseball of All Sports+ with the rest of regular All Sports. It's personally what I run for marathons, because relying on mercy rule in a marathon situation isn't a good idea.



Something that was suggested was a category called "All Sports: No Mercy Rule"

It's already a thing, it's called All Sports. All Sports doesn't require you to mercy rule, so that would be a weird category if it were added.

The idea of a All Sports No Baseball is an interesting one, as then the run would come down to more skill and minor RNG factors instead of big ones. Maybe it should be on a Category Extensions board, as I don't see that fitting on a main board.


If there was a OGWS Category Extensions board I would definitely run that


Ya even it was just an extensions where it would be like specific stuff like No Baseball or like individual holes for Golf, I think people would definitely run it


There's enough category ideas to make a OGWS Category Extensions board, such as Golf - Blind, Golf - GiveUp%, All Golf Tour, All Training Games, Wii Fitness, and All Sports No Baseball.