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I think we should add a Wii Sports Category Extensions Leaderboard on SRC. I have a google doc of the CE board I made for everyone to put their times on here: . You'll also see I have cover art for WSCE as well. We have enough categories and runs to make a board. Right now the categories I, Francesco, and others have came up with are: Golf - Blind, Golf - GiveUp%, Wii Fitness, All Training Games, All Golf Tour, and All Sports No Baseball.

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We could also throw in All Pro no baseball, and there's probably more categories we could put in there as well that we'd just have to think of. Even if you current mods don't want to mod it, just request the leaderboard for us and let some of us mod it.


I definitely like this, I'll definitely mod this if they made this a thing. I also think this might bring to new runners to Wii Sports


I requested it but now we just have to wait

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