I like running dumb categories so I am in.

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If this does become a category

Timing starts on start of game for tennis
You can exit when “that’s the game” or “mercy rule appears”
You can exit bowling when game over appears
You can exit golf when give up on hole 3 appears
Timing stops when KO for your character appears

As long as tennis and boxing is first and last, order does not matter


I don't think that this category is a good category because it is more of a luck-based category rather than a skill-based one. I don't know, but that is just my opinion.


If this were to be a thing, the mods will have to look into it. And considering what this category will be, it’ll just be in category extensions anyways, if appproved. This isn’t necessarily a bad category to run, but it’s definitely not a good category to run either.

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What makes this not sound like a fun category in my opinion is that it relies HEAVILY on the CPU getting a mercy rule on baseball which is just pure RNG, even more than All Sports + has. Another question that I'm interested in hearing from the interested runners: Does the mii you use have to be a fresh mii? Or can it be an All Pro mii?

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I would say you can use any type of mii considering that not everyone has an all pro mii yet. But that’s up for you and the mods to decide and agree on.


I don't run a dictatorship so I wanna hear the community before making any decisions


Also mercy rule can be ruled out if that becomes a problem, or it can be separated into 2 categories lose% and lose% + where lose% + will have mercy rule


I think that we should separate it in a fresh mii and any mii category, so that the any mii category is more based on skill and the fresh mii more based on luck. If mercy rule becomes a problem then we should add a no mercy rule or no baseball category.

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Before any category is added, there must be a run of the category. You can post in discord or just dm here on this website.


That should be a category extension.
How about Lose% ultra.
Rules: Lose on a 5-game match on tennis
Lose on a full game of baseball (all 3 innings have to be played
Get a score of zero on bowling
Get a max score of +72 in a 9 hole game of golf
Get K.Od on a boxing match.


Id say have mercy rule for cpu be a lose% ultra because the rng


Id say have mercy rule for cpu be a lose% ultra because the rng


Id say have mercy rule for cpu be a lose% ultra because the rng