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I want to bring up the topic about emulator. I have recently been not allowed to use the emulator as the load times are too fast. The reason why I want to bring this up is that LIMEPEEL was using an emulator and golf and other sport had insane loading times, faster than usual. Although I know people who want to speedrun this might not have the console, and only a few use the emulator, I agree that it gives the people who use the emulator an unfair advantage. Until the load times can be made to emulate the original console, I believe that emulators should be banned. I will try to contact dolphin to see if they can help with fixing this problem.


Dolphin is only an enulator tool and it is used for tas
They shouldnt be involved in what people do with their product (the emulator) you should contact the runner and explain it to them instead, we could also just use igt instead of rta with loads like in the mkwii category extensions so people dont get wrs with emulators


I want to help them because I know not everybody has the console, and now there are limited ways to grab hold of one. I personally thought mine didn't work and I so I thought that I should be able to use an emulator as stated in the rules. If Dolphin is willing to make a debug which emulates the usual loading times, than it'll be great for these people. Also, the emulator can also be used by people who already own the console as it is so easy to record rather than using a capture card and stuff.


I'm not an OG mod, so I can't make a stand on this. But I will say that a fellow Wii Series runner, ComardeGibby, is currently working on (and I believe he has done) a dolphin setup to run Wii Fit Plus as accurately as possible. You might talk with him here to see if he can figure something out for OG Wii Sports.

Also, manually doing IGT without loads for a game that doesn't automatically do IGT is a sure enough way to get a game killed on src.


Oh yeah sorry forgot there isnt a timer ?
Maybe if you could time the distance between loads
I think the loads in dolphin is 2x faster than on console
Alternatively you could just make an emulator category for runs and another for console runs


@Plyd823 and I decided that Emulator runs will be banned until the Emulator runner community for this game can figure out how to run it the same as it would on the OG Wii. After reviewing Limepeel and Aleef's runs, I also see the faster loading times. We have it allowed for games like Wii Fit Plus, because as @Cmdr said, a runner has made a settings list for it to run as accurately as possible. We also have it banned in WSR and Club for the same reason (Although Club is pretty much unplayable on emulator). Apologies for the inconvenience.

Also, another note: If you own a Wii or Wii U, the game, and have a way of recording runs, I would encourage you to use the Wii and not an emulator.

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Thank you for the understanding of the issue.


I disagree with the past emu runs being banned because:
1) August 7th, 2018: We had an extensive conversation about load times where we tested load times between Dolphin and Console. Because Wii U loaded faster than Wii and because the difference between emi and Wii U was miniscule, you (GamingLand) agreed that "3 seconds isn't big enough to make a new sub cat"
2) Quoting Cmdr, "The rules can change, but the people who the rules changed from shouldn't be punished. Here is the classic example. Let's say you drive 65 down a highway on Monday, and then on Tuesday the city changes the speed limit to 45. The cops can not give you a ticket for you driving 65 the day before. Aleef followed the rules how they were set out back 6 months ago. Aleef should not be punished for his run 6 months ago when they change now." I agree with this statement fully, and I believe my run should remain. It followed all guidelines when ran. I even said on August 7th, "I don't want to waste time doing runs if they're going to end up being rejected later," to which you (GamingLand) replied, "If they accurately emulate the console version, I don't see the real issue."
3) Once again quoting Cmdr, "It's not like Aleefs runs are WR contending. If it was a sub 8 on emu I'd understand. Which if you recall, the rules were that emu wouldn't be allowed past sub 10." My run would require 21 other runs to be taken down in order to be WR, which just isn't going to happen. It may not have a stance in the WR race, but just seeing my name really brings me joy.

In conclusion, my run (and any other emu runs before yesterday) should be allowed. They followed the rules of their time and do not threaten WR in any shape or form. If you (GamingLand) feel differently about emulators than you did before, as shown by quotes, I understand that. But you cannot be punishing people who agreed with your previous feelings and followed the guidelines.


(Issue resolved on Discord)

Basically, the emulator runs done before this rule change will be accepted again, but any inaccurate emulator runs done after the rule change will not be accepted, and emulator runners will have to run on Wii or on accurate emulator settings.

Thank you for your time.

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But they don't show on the leaderboard ?


Emulator runs are hidden by default on the leaderboards. You have to select Filter > Emulators > Shown.