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Hello everyone, the Wii Series Speedrunning Discord server is hosting a Wii Sports - All Sports No Baseball Tournament! These runs are super straight forward. Round of Tennis, Game of Bowling, a 3 hole course in Golf, and a match of Boxing. Lots of fast matches, a lot of fun.

You will need to be able to stream your runs for the tournament. We do accept runs streamed by a webcam/phone.

Sign ups are here - https://docs.​google.​com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScOJprxQ2UVzjyhY2CpBLqWdopa9-MJswo7yKf96QMpxtG5xw/viewform

If you want to see the leaderboard for the category, here - https://www.​speedrun.​com/wsce#All_Sports_No_Baseball

Here is the Wii Series Speedrunning Discord Server - https://discord.​gg/wtYkPRU

Any questions, you can ask me anytime.


You'd need to be able to join the Discord server to schedule matches. And as you are still too young to comply with Discord's terms and services, you wouldn't be able to join.


Yes gotta wait for let see 2 years so 2021 ill join. #feelsbadman


plays How could this happen to me


@Cmdr I made a submission in which I said that my pb was like 7 something and didn't submit a video or anything but that isn't accurate just thought I'd let you know.