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I wanted to know why USB loaded games in runs aren't allowed on the leaderboards.



I think it's probably because USB loaded games have faster load times because they don't have to read from the disk.

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I made a spreadsheet of the total amount of loading time (completely black screen) in my run, which was rejected for being on a USB loaded game, along with Alaskaxp2's and MrJimmySteel's runs, which I'm assuming were performed on disc. Each column represents the amount of seconds on a runner's timer. The right column is the most important one.


As you can see, there aren't many differences in the time between my times and the times performed on disc, except for my Baseball Exit split, and Alaskaxp2's Reset split (maybe due to him using the home menu to reset instead of the reset button on the wii).

I'd be happy to answer any questions about the spreadsheet.


USB loaders have been shown to have faster load times than playing on disc as shown in this video: . In a short run like All Sports, it may not seem like faster load times but it is still an advantage. I've seen a lot of runners using USB loaders lately and I'm trying to talk to the other mods to come up with a more fair and representative system. I'll update when that happens.

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Additionally, we try to promote using original hardware and original discs to uphold the community's integrity.

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