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I'm Princess Rescuer, the man responsible for starting all the "Beat the Champion" categories in every game. I was the first to do the category for both versions of Boxing. There are the proper champion categories in Tennis, Baseball, and Boxing in Club, as well as Table Tennis, Duel, Speed Slice, and Basketball in Resort, but no Tennis, Baseball, and Boxing in the original. Just "Zero to Pro". Include my 43:09 as well as DarthNiko's 39:01 in there and be sure to date them correctly.


I'm sure what would a fantastic way to handle this would be to have one category for Pro Class, with sub cats of each of the sports, and the a category for Beat the Champion, or as you call it, Zero to Champion, with the sub categories for each sport. That would clean up the leaderboards some and all for more runs to happen.

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Looks like my post got deleted due to the rollback. Anyway,


Tennis BtC by GamingLand In 24:47

(This is from my Tennis Pro run, but I still beat the champions in 24:47)

Baseball BtC by AwesomeGamerland In 1:20:36

(This is technically a Let's Play, but this can be a placeholder since no real Baseball BtC run has been done yet)

Boxing BtC by PrincessRescuer In 43:09

Boxing BtC by DarthNiko In 35:07