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I know I am a bit too overly picky on runs, but like JimothyJimJam's all sports run had a few problems. First, he went for mercy rule in baseball and did get it, but didn't have the words displayed on the screen. Secondly, this might not be part of it but why went he enters bowling it like glitched or cut weirdly? Makes me think the video was stitched. I would like someone to prove me wrong though. If it was only the mercy rule not being displayed on the screen though, then it is still fine just that he needs to make sure it doesn't happen again.


Even more, at the end of golf, somehow it skips all the way to the boxing? As you see all these like delays and stuff, the timer is still fine and running at normal speed. Also during the transition between golf and boxing, he said "Boxing shi...Boxing time"
This makes me believe that he might have done the splits and voiceover on a pre-made video. I would really like to hear an explanation which can prove me wrong. I still respect the opinion of everyone and anyone who can explain to me what might be the cause of this.


I'm not Plyd or Gland, but my best bet knowing Jimothy is Twitch messed up the highlights. Especially if he is using a low end capture card, or the internet was bad that day reset the console out of golf into boxing can really through Twitch for a loop.

Without looking at the video though, exiting before mercy rule pops up usually is a no-no, however this was three years ago where this was probably allowed. It is up to Plyd and gang to make that decision, but as it is a 10:42, and not something amazing, I doubt anything really needs to be done.


There are a few random cuts that anyone can spot, but it can't be explained with Twitch messing up a highlight, as the timer runs smoothly throughout the run. It could be explained if he took the audio and edited a timer onto the video, then uploaded it to Twitch, but if you filter through Jimothy's Uploads on Twitch the section is empty. Definitely evidence of splicing.

His commentary over the run isn't any evidence in my opinion. The description of the run says "Well, i was a bit drunk," so if he says anything a bit weird it's not that surprising. Personally I don't think him saying "Boxing time" proves anything.

About exiting before modern quit timing rules, Plyd is the only person here that would know what the quit timing rules were 3 years ago, and I'm not sure myself.

Exiting before quit timing is enough to reject a run anyways, but the evidence of splicing piles onto it as well. Also, the run was verified by Jimothy himself, so it could've passed by without another mod seeing the run. However, I'm not about to make a rash decision without hearing from another mod.


the commentary makes no sense. Try saying the "Boxing shi, Boxing time" like him, it is kinda impossible to make that sound that fast. Probably another spliced audio with video.


and also, there is also probably another splice during the start of boxing. Usually, it gradually comes out but his run just like changes.


The run was done 3 years ago... before there were strict category rules or more than 5 runners on the board. The video skipping was an issue with my capture card, computer, and twitch settings. I was wondering where all those extra views came from, thanks ❤️