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Thread: How to Recover Splits?

Started by: ElimsElims

upload your splits to when you submit runs from now on. you can also look to see if you have a previous version and revert to it.


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Thread: When are you to old to play videogames?

Started by: XannadosXannados

I'd say around the day they put a tag on your toe.


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Thread: Best Video Game Soundtracks?

Started by: ChuMogpoChuMogpo

Doom 2
Doom (2016)
Every guitar hero and rock band game

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Thread: GV-USB2 showing blue screen on PS3.

Started by: ChuMogpoChuMogpo

Did you swap the video output in the settings on the ps3

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Thread: What software to use specifically for speedrunning with one monitor?

Started by: cookedbcookedb

you could always run the game in windowed mode so that you can see the timer and use global hotkeys to do your splits


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Thread: Recommend a PC

Started by: NovawolfNovawolf

Start with this and change whatever you need to fit your needs.


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Thread: Longest speedrun you've ever done?

Started by: AxxisAxxis

my first a link to the past nmg 100% was absolutely terrible at 3:39.35


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Thread: Looking for a portable laptop for DOS games

Started by: agariogamesagariogames

Stay away from anything with a celeron n3060 or n3350 ive worked on enough low end laptops to find that these pos cpus can barely run windows let alone anything else.


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Thread: Is there anything in speedrunning that gets on your nerves?

Started by: ZachoholicZachoholic

In one of the games i run there is a bug that crashes the game and i tend to forget about it and crash the game constantly

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Thread: Small community looking for runners?

Started by: SeydieSeydie

Its a top down shooter on pc that can be had for the low low price of $1 on steam or 49 cents until july 19th 2018


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Thread: this is about laggy gameplays

Started by: LegitSiLegitSi

Turn off the preview in OBS when recording or streaming.

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Thread: Your Keyboards!

Started by: LanayruLanayru

Steel Series apex 100 because the rest of my hardware left me broke when i built this system


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Thread: Trying to get the WR component on LiveSplit, yet i can't find the option to edit it

Started by: jakanzjakanz

(edited: )

Make sure to go to edit splits and add the game name from the list

Go to Edit layout
click the add icon
go to information
and it should be at the bottom of the list

Quick video if needed

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Forum: Splatter

Thread: Need Help?

Started by: whybother91whybother91

If you need any help learning this game shoot me a message on discord and I will see what I can do. I will get around to making a few video tutorials at some point in the future.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Need help picking a game to run.

Started by: VloxVlox

fair enough


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Need help picking a game to run.

Started by: VloxVlox

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It can be picked up for 49 cents on steam until july 19th, and if needed I am available to help teach you the run.