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So I just remembered about this series existence and wanted to try to finish at least one game. Downloaded the SWF files for games 1-3, and knowing the unpopularity and small speedrunning scene of this game, it wasn't a surprise that it wasn't archived here. So I just googled the game and used the view page source feature to download the SWF. The first website I found that I could use this on was I will provide a google drive link here for downloading.

OLD LINK (from (TWHG4 v1.1)):

NEW LINK (now on (TWHG4 v1.2)):

EDIT: I would like this to get posted on the resources tab for more people to see.

EDIT 2: In hindsight, I should have checked Snubby Land

EDIT 3: A version I found from (direct download):

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The World's Hardest Game 4 SWF File (Pulled From
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