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So I put together a collection of the series. Aside from the obvious, this includes:

1. WHG1 (With level select)
2. WHG1 Updated Version (It's a URL file (an internet shortcut))
3. WHG2.0 (The resource says it has level select but that seems to be a lie)
4. WHG2.1
5. WHG2 Updated Version (It's another URL file (I don't know why I fell the need to repeat myself, but it's an internet shortcut))
6. WHG3
7. WHG4 (Pulled from because the page didn't have a resource for it)
8. Adobe Flash Player (It came with the Red Ball Definitive Collection so that's the one that I have (It may be the latest version but it probably is not))

Why would you use it for anything but WHG4? I Don't Know™!

DOWNLOAD LINK (Direct download):

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