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Howdy @NihilistComedyHourNihilistComedyHour,

I got around to dumping the puzzle banks from the following 3 versions of C64 Wheel of Fortune from Sharedata: v1 (the original release), v2 (New 2nd Edition), and v3 (New 3rd Edition). My tooling is not 100% precise, but I think the results are good enough to discuss here.

All three versions have just over 1000 puzzles (1032, 1019, 1022) . v1 and v2's puzzle banks are nearly identical; everything in v2 is in v1, and v1 has 13 more additional puzzles. I suspect this is actually a result of the dumping not being completely accurate, so I'd say they are probably identical.

v3, on the other hand, is profoundly different: less than 1% of puzzles overlap between v3 and v1/v2.

I haven't looked at the game play differences yet, but at a casual glance the versions look identical once you get to the main gameplay.

All said, I'd support either a single board for all three versions or separating v3 from v1 and v2. Separating v1 and v2 seems unnecessary.

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I've updated the categories accordingly as a quick fix. If some other issue comes up, it can be addressed then.

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