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Hey all, after voting in the Discord and some further discussion followed by some testing, the new timing standard of allowing in-game timer calculations of your final time will be allowed for the full-game leaderboards. This change was rolled out on Update 22.19.1.

What does this mean? Before, speedrunners would usually showcase a third-party timer over their video to calculate how long they took to finish a run. However, Warframe now has a timer that shows at the end of the mission on the Mission Success screen. This allows many more individuals to participate without the use of trying to understand third-party timers.

Is there an advantage to using in-game time? Yes. The in-game timers do not calculate load times, which has been a crux to Warframe speedrunning over the last year.

I have a run already up, will it be updated? Short answer: no. Long answer: there are too many runs that exist for the moderators to go through and individually retime submissions that did not have the in-game time. The in-game timer is not highly accurate and it can be off by as much as 3 to 4 seconds that is based off latency.

Can I use a third-party timer to calculate without loads? We are not allowing third-party timers to calculate without loads for this initial rollout, but we can bring up some standards for allowing this at a later date. Come talk to us in #category-discussion in the Discord.

How do I calculate my final time? I have created a Google document that you can use or copy for yourself that will calculate your final time just by plugging in the numbers. Please share all your final numbers in your submission and ensure you check all Rules before starting a run.

So I can take breaks during these runs? Currently, yes. However, we are still enforcing a 10% AFK rule. So a 30 minute run only has 3 minutes allotted for AFKing.

Can I abort a bad segment and calculate a new segment? No. This is considered segmenting and Global Rules only allow single-segment. If you are using in-game time and you abort any part of your run, your attempt is considered dead. Your run is only considered alive if you are using a third-party timer or framecounting.

Category X does not work well with in-game time, what do I do? Let us know, so we can fix the timing standard for that category. This change is rolled out across all categories without fully testing.

Can I still use RTA to time my runs? Yes. This is just a standard that we are pushing people to use. It is by no means required.