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Hey runners, time to get the discussion going. Post ideas/suggestions on how you envision the categories.

Things to discuss:
1. Where the MR test should reside.
2. Where the Quests should reside.
3. What individual nodes should or should not be included.
4. ???

Speak up. No idea is a bad idea.

1. Quests was moved to full-game leaderboard. It's too complicated and extensive for it to be considered an "individual level."

2. Trials were reduced into subcategories under "Trials" instead of individual categories.

3. MR tests were reduced to a subcategory under "MR Tests".

3. Boss ILs were added.

4. Single missions will now be submitted without loads.

5. Planetary completion missions was moved to full-game leaderboards.

6. Parkour 2.0 was moved to ILs.

7. Purged the forums after review.

8. [Not Done]Purged the guides after review.

9. Combined all the legacy runs into a single category.


Since Phorid can vary based on what node he's sitting on, I'm assuming that he will not be included.

Also, I've been bugged with Quest being ILs since they are comprised of multiple levels and with different mechanics. Thoughts?


Quests could be moved to Full-game Leaderboard, also I think everything that's in Level Leaderboard should be compared in ingame time instead of including loading time. Loading time should be included in multimission speedruns tho. Also maybe move Parkour 2.0 to Level Leaderboard.


Level mission compared in ingame time will also help open up speedruns for people with not extremely fast computers, since loading can be a big hassle on some computers


I'll look into redoing multiple categories using your input tonight. Single missions could definitely utilize just in-mission time, ie. Pavlov.

I'm still waiting for the IGT from DE. They have the databases/code, just need to provide visual on mission success.


Individual nodes (outside of bosses & special nodes) seem like it's a little overboard, especially how random they can be tile-wise. Quests are in two places at the moment? I'd say they should be full game, as they're over multiple missions, as planet completion should be. I'd bring all current categories out of misc (looking at you all bosses), and leave misc for legacy stuff. Other than those suggestions, and a little cleanup stuff (like moving current raids into the new sub-variable) its looking good.


- Quests are currently in transition from ILs to FGL.
- I'll move full planet completion over.
- I'll look at Miscellaneous categories after this initial clean-up.

- Individual nodes should be unique in their own right. Example: Lua spy/Kuva fortress spy


All sounds good, another thing I noticed. All Planetary Missions should probably end up under planets as 100% or something 🙂


Yoo, can we have the clan parkour room added as a misc category or IL please 🙂 (A vid: )


It'll be an IL and I'll think about it, because the dojo parkour needs to be updated for Parkour 2.0.


I like having MR tests being a category all in themselves but keep in mind that as soon as MR 1-30 is available I'll be pushing discussion on kicking out the other 10-test categories (those existed only for the purpose of practice).

I'll be in private talks with zopney for the most part behind the scenes - you'll likely see him posting more here on the boards though.


Individual node suggestion: Kuva Fortress - Koro (Assault)

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The assault is fun by itself. Gonna do some more runs and test it's viability for a speedrun. Should see a test category for it before the weekend.

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Yeah, I think its quite good for speedrunning, since it has some tiles that are always the same, but also some randomized tiles thrown into the mix. 😃


Koro, Kuva Fortress was added. Sorry for the delay.