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Forum: Sonic Battle

Thread: Sonic Battle Rules

Started by: Vyseoflegends9002Vyseoflegends9002

I never saw this issue before, handled it now. Sorry it took so long, no one ever brought it to my attention. Should be all good now


Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: Oldest known speedrun of pokemon red?

Started by: KnightKnight

Here's the oldest run, which is segmented (done is parts) in 2:40 from back in 2005:

Here's the oldest single segment run, done in 2:39 from 2008: (Scroll down to #235 in the batch)


Forum: Pokémon Stadium

Thread: New Category

Started by: gchierico91gchierico91

No this is not getting added

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Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: Help?

Started by: TheLazerLemonTheLazerLemon

Just wait, a few days isn't much at all. especially when runs are done on emulator, sometimes it can take the mods a while to determine if the run is legit. Unless it's super suspect it shouldn't take longer than a week ever, but be patient until then


Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Would be cool to be able to leave some sort of note/flag in the moderation queue so other mods don't touch something if it's being worked on by someone else. Like one mod suspects cheating/timing issue and is following up, don't want another just going ahead and verifying. Lots of other scenarios I've thought this would be useful too

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Thread: Requesting series for existing games

Started by: mobiusmanmobiusman

@Kirk: Yeah that's kinda how it's always worked, give mod to the people that run it. Hal was only demodded for being terrible at his job (acting with no consultation, self-verifying false times, making up shit, power hungry, etc), every person who applied for mod got it. It isn't really disconnected from main Pokemon community at all (group is in the same discord, I run the games, several other runner overlap into main series also), so there is really no reason for it to be split


Forum: The Site

Thread: Requesting series for existing games

Started by: mobiusmanmobiusman

Yes, we have done that trollbear. Halqery brought that up without any consultation, and his total moderation in almost every regard has been put into question. I've brought this up with the pokemon mystery dungeon group, along with series mods before making the post, with no disagreements. I can see how it looks messy, I just didn't really want to bring any issues to the front at all

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Thread: Requesting series for existing games

Started by: mobiusmanmobiusman

Can the 2 Pokemon Mystery dungeon games without runs be moved into Pokemon series? They are currently in Mystery dungeon series, and I think it's sloppy as hell to have some in one place and some another.

Ideally they would be in both but this is not a site functionality at the moment as is my understanding. So I think it's best to move the ones without runs (or rules in Super's case), as that would be less messy (I also consider them pokemon games first, but that is a subjective matter)

The 2 games in question:


Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Any reason why resources for any games can only be added by mods? Very limiting for no real gain imo


Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: Just wondering please respond

Started by: 6078

As the other languages change the speed/gameplay (and some small mechanics) of the game, they are considered entirely different titles. Other languages are technically allowed, per se, but just as a different game. Currently this site only features english boards, as it is the most competitive (and most accessible, for both a runner and a viewer), and having a clusterfuck of languages is not ideal.

In future it is hoped to have mirror pages for other languages that are submittable to, but that is currently not available.


Forum: Pokémon Yellow

Thread: Question

Started by: 5975

Any% is also simply just "Beat the game" - the most basic and for lack of a better term 'official' category out there. Almost every game will start with this as a Main category. 151 is and of itself a made up ruleset to complete an optional task - it starts as Misc and gets advanced to a Main category after several stipulations are hit (one of them being activity)

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Would there be a way to distinguish between whether a game sidebar resource (Such as Guides, Resources etc) is empty or not (Probably by colour?)

I've been adding to a few of these and hopefully more, and it made me realise that I assume most are empty until I check them. Having a separate colour before I click to let me know that there is something there would make me more willing to check it out, easier access etc

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Forum: Pokémon Black 2/White 2

Thread: Probably a silly question

Started by: SBCzSBCz

Runs have to have video to be submitted, yeah

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Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: VBA is banned?

Started by: TheyflowerTheyflower

VBA emulates at the wrong speed. It tries to play GB and GBC games at GBAs speed, which is an entirely different framerate. As such it plays them all faster than they are supposed to play, so it is banned (you shouldn't be using it for anything, not just Pokemon).

Gambatte and BGB both run at accurate speed, and are great fine alternatives


Forum: Mario Tennis (GBC)

Thread: Acing Beth/Brian/Joy

Started by: reslivedreslived

From the testing that I did, it's based on timing. I have my own set of times in my head through the "NICE" range - early, middle, and late - that I work with in my notes. For the fights you mentioned above I have in my notes:

Beth Serve: Down the line Top spin (time middle) | Wide Top spin (time late)
Brian Serve: Down the line Top spin (time middle) | Down the line Slice (time middle)
Joy Serve: Wide Top spin (time middle, if returned move to left and up, hit across to far right) | Down the line slice (time middle)

I'll look into it more I guess, but from my tests it definitely was all just about getting max angle (line from the line, wide from wide) and timing the serve through the range perfectly.