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Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

I think it'd be nice to have a specialised spot to put a Discord group for a game. So many games/series these days have specific Discords for speedrunning them now, but it can be near on impossible for a person new to a game to find them at all. Having a little thing somewhere, like another tab on the left when clicking on a game, or even just having the Discord icon below the game picture, like where it shows up on individual's profiles, would be nice.

On a similar note, I think it'd be great to have a separate tab on game pages that also details version differences. As a runner, can't tell you how many times I've felt dejected from running a game not because of differences, but because I don't even know what they are. And as I read leaderboards as well, and see different languages or versions or what have you, just having that information of what that actually translates to makes everything easier to read and understand.

You could argue that like both of those things could be stuck in like Guides or whatever, but I don't think people would actually do it unless there was a specific place for it. And it's fine if those things are left blank if they don't exist, I mean tons of games have the guides/resources tabs with nothing in them too. Anyway, just think it'd be neat as something extra.

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Forum: Sonic Heroes

Thread: Is emulation allowed?

Started by: MishaTheDuckMishaTheDuck

Emulators are banned as they are inaccurate


Forum: Sonic Heroes

Thread: Sonic Heroes Discord?

Started by: ponder1ngponder1ng

There's a main sonic speedrunning server, which includes a channel specifically for Sonic Heroes. The link is


Forum: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

Thread: Can I become a moderator?

Started by: PrincessRescuerPrincessRescuer

Your impatience and rudeness would indicate your probably not right for the post. Someone took care of your run within a day and you made 2 forum thread complaining about it, after submitting it multiple times (which does nothing other than be an annoyance). Avoiding the fact that you probably shouldn't even be verifying your own runs; gonna give that a hard no.

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Forum: Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Thread: Questions about the game

Started by: CIANekoCIANeko

1) Gotta use real time. Read the rules for timing
2) Using phone to record and submit is fine, just make sure game screen is always visible
3) Talking to someone during the run is fine


Forum: Golden Sun

Thread: New to GS

Started by: MrDino023MrDino023

If you click on the guides section on this very site, that would be a good place to start lol


Forum: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Thread: Run invalidated

Started by: G3neticG3netic

Been looking into this for a while, but it looks like you're running on Sega Mega Drive Classics? If that's the case, then both of our bads, should submit the console as PC and not genesis emu, hence the confusion.


Forum: Sonic CD

Thread: PC Version?

Started by: GeoGeo

The PC release of this version qualifies as the "PC version" of this game. The re-release on steam in 2011 is an entirely different game; and can be found at


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Thread: Question about Any% NSC rules

Started by: 13116

It means if you are playing on emulator, for every hard reset (i.e ctrl+R), and an extra 5 seconds to your final time. This is because playing on console you would have to watch the opening gameboy cutscene, whereas on emulator you wouldn't (therefore making emulator faster, not ideal, hence the 5 second penalty)

Note that a hard reset is different to a soft reset, which is triggered by holding A+B+Start+Select, which would not force you to watch said gameboy cutscene.


Forum: Pokémon Black/White

Thread: If timing is done IGT why are emulators hidden by default?

Started by: AprilSRAprilSR

To answer the question a bit more simply; load times -do- impact and count to IGT for Gen 4 onwards

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Thread: Adding New Release Titles to Series

Started by: wersterwerster

The issue I'm more talking about it, someone else may request the game say 3 days before release, and then will be sole moderator for it, and then it not having any unity for rest of the series. For a direct example I mean like Poke Sun/Moon, when is the best time for one of the Poke series mods to add that game so that it's not 1) blank space but 2) not taken by some random who has no idea what they are doing

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Thread: Adding New Release Titles to Series

Started by: wersterwerster

Hey so just wondering with the change to series mods from April that I just learned about, which from my understand now have no effect on individual games within the series, what is the best time to add a new game into the series? Since it makes it really relevant to do it before anyone else, but I'm not entirely keen on adding a game that doesn't come out for 5 months (>_>), just wondering when is the time to do that so it retains unity within the series?


Forum: Sonic Heroes

Thread: What's the difference between Console and PC?

Started by: NapucNapuc

They are effectively different builds of the game. Physics of the games are not the same between the two, which allows for completely different runs/tricks throughout the whole game


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Thread: Emulator

Started by: poultfloydpoultfloyd

Poultfloyd: Our system for emulators has worked fine and create no issues whatsoever. People can submit emulator runs to leaderboards at anytime, bu encourages runners to use console where emulator gives an advantage (DS games), and when shooting for the absolute best time otherwise (long list of reasons, but has ultimately worked very well). Suggesting that emulator runs be given a separate category is not only redundant, but creates a dumb split of people in what they are running, and creates something that is arbitrary (for example, I could try and get WR in Pearl any% Emulator even tho I already have the console record...incredibly dumb)

PackSciences: I would take you and your propositions for language sub divisions more seriously if we hadn't already caught you submitting cheated runs to the site in the past. If anything because you're an advocate for it makes me care about it a whole lot less.

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Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: Allowed Platforms?

Started by: sebi2201sebi2201

So long as you don't use the speedup functions, it's all good


Forum: Mario Tennis: Power Tour

Thread: Submission Rules and the In Game Timer

Started by: Mr_ShastaMr_Shasta

I'm glad I checked the forums cause I was really confused that the rules and runs didn't line up at all lol. If you're going to stick to these rules, I suggest adding a fixed "penalty" to the existing runs, as if they had gone as fast as possible in the two areas they didn't time. So even tho they did spend time naming their character etc, don't penalise them for that as it's impossible to predict future rule changes.

E.g. Add: 8 seconds for the starting 'intro', and 10 seconds for the last exp addition for a total of 18 seconds to all runs using older timing method.


Forum: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

Thread: Using a 3DS

Started by: InprisonedShadowInprisonedShadow

Timing is the same, but 3DS year can only go up to 2050, so if youre using a guide that uses a year after that, you must add the amount of frames to it

(e.g. for glitchless I use year 2057, so you must hit the timer 8 frames later than I do and use 2049)

3DS also takes longer to load up the game titles, so you may have to use a longer delay in order to boot up the game in time. Like I said however, the timing themselves are exactly the same


Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Not sure if this has been brought up before, but could you display the amount of runs someone has verified somewhere? Ideal spot I imagine would be on each persons Info page. It would help a lot to see which mods are actually doing things, at least in that regard

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