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Forum: Pokémon Stadium 2

Thread: Individual Level leaderboards created for Single Cups

Started by: wersterwerster

Hey all, just letting you know I've made IL boards for the single cups for both the Stadium games. So submit away!

In case you can't tell from the rules, Challenge Cup timing starts when you select the cup level, as that's when your team is "confirmed"


Forum: Pokémon Stadium

Thread: Individual Level leaderboards created for Single Cups

Started by: wersterwerster

Hey all, just letting you know I've made IL boards for the single cups for both the Stadium games. So submit away!

Of note for this game, they hold both English and JP cups. Only Pika/Petit have the sub-category to separate though, as Prime Cup is completely identical, and the others are only available in one version of the game (e.g. Poke Cup is only in English, and 97, 98, 99 Cup is only in Japanese)

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Forum: Sonic 2 (2013)

Thread: Board changes

Started by: flyingfoxflyingfox

Bit silly the level leaderboards don't have hidden palace or boss attack. The boards were obviously just copied from s2 plain instead of adding all the things in this game.

Also the addition of & Tails being separate categories is super duper dumb. Mirroring Mania for the sake of it is ridiculous, just makes shit barren for no reason (and Mania boards aren't good). Do the thing that actually works for that game. Not picking Tails as a partner isn't worthy of a diff category at all - it's not a diff character. Would be just as silly to add different categories for whether you use elemental shields or not. Do the thing that's faster.


Forum: Pokémon Platinum

Thread: Get National Dex Category?

Started by: nucularnucular

...E4R2 is basically already this, which is already a category that exists.


Forum: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

Thread: Japanese is Faster in All Categories!

Started by: PrincessRescuerPrincessRescuer

What do you mean by "more forgiving"? Because longer to do actions would obviously be slower, and "difficulty" outside of that would surely be the same speed as long as you don't fail? Unless you're saying it somehow extends to like, boss HP on like Crygor and Dribble (which seems super unlikely)?

Also completely unsure why that would mean to remove English runs lol

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Forum: Sonic Mania

Thread: Speedrun Submission

Started by: CarterToonsCarterToons

Nope, video is required for all submissions


Forum: Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee

Thread: Potential for 1p2c?

Started by: B0undarybreakerB0undarybreaker

This will almost certainly be added in the future yeah


Forum: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Thread: alternative to chemical plant 2 skip?

Started by: Mario564Mario564

Tails isn't spindashing which is obviously the problem. To me it actually looks like you've got player 1 and 2 inputs mapped to the same button somewhere, and you're actually forcing tails to jump by command rather than having him be controlled by the AI.

Either way, the problem just lies in not having Tails follow the spindash like he's supposed to.

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Forum: Sonic Mania

Thread: Mania Plus Leaderboards are live!

Started by: wersterwerster

A few things; make sure to read the rules! There are a couple of differences to keep in mind:

For full game runs, runs must be from from a new save file (or no save). The old rule of using a save file at the start of green hill is no longer, as you can simply skip past cutscenes anyway.

For IL runs, any submission that would place in the top 3 here must record the original footage, replay mode will not be allowed. This is because of it's editing potential, basically at some point (if it isn't yet), you'll be able to play back essentially tas material and have people be none the wiser. As the feature is convenient for some, we've decided not to outright ban it, to allow someone who isn't as competitive to still submit easily.

The categories have been changed a little bit. Sonic, Sonic & Tails, and Encore mode have Good Ending and Bad Ending, so there are no longer duplicate emerald submissions, as you must not have all emeralds to trigger the bad ending. New Game+ Categories have also been added to misc, where you can start with all emeralds, and use secrets (except debug), Knuckles&Knuckles runners rejoice!

Last piece, but the update the base Mania changed all Mania Mode features to 1.05, the same as Mania Plus. As such, you do not need the DLC to submit to these mania boards, so long as you are running on 1.05, all submissions go here.

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Forum: Sonic Mania (Pre-DLC)

Thread: Mania Plus Leaderboards - Do not submit here

Started by: wersterwerster

With Plus coming out, we've been discussing how best to handle the leaderboards. Given there are general physics changes, we'd decided that Mania Plus should be separated from all currently up leaderboards, including for ILs.

After some discussion afterwards, we decided it would be best (and far easier) to actually make a whole new game, just called Sonic Mania Plus, rather than create another clusterfuck of category mess. Especially since, in all likelyhood, after some time these boards will not be actively competitive, so it'll be easier to spot where to go.

Sonic Mania Plus will be made and up soon, but for now, don't submit any runs on Plus to these boards. They'll be rejected and told to be submitted to the new boards.

Also as a last warning, there will be rules on the replay feature for ILs. Given some people are already working on editing the playback feature on them, they won't be allowed for top times (at least, we are deciding between not allowed for top, top 3, or at all), so keep that in mind as well.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Bounty discussion - looking for a solution to a problem

Started by: PacPac

The prospect of cheating for monetary rewards is obvious, but I think an inverse reaction is possible. In that with a monetary reward, with higher scrutiny put into the verification of the times would actually make cheating harder.

I've made big posts about this before, but for speedruns, I would make specific verification standards an option for the person setting the bounty. The big one to put in, would be a visible controller cam. I can't really see how, if you had a clear cam that showed the human doing the inputs, that is actually verified properly, could realistically be cheated without being caught.

But, I would put the option to the person setting the bounty. Let them choose what needs to be applied for the bounty to be claimed. Whether they just want verified on the site, or require it to be streamed, or have mic on, or have an input viewer, or controller cam, etc. Not everyone would necessarily care that much, so I think it should be up to the person putting in their own money.

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Forum: Sonic Triple Trouble

Thread: Is this a faster final boss strat?

Started by: TwoSpacesSGTwoSpacesSG

Yeah looks faster if you get it right

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Forum: Sonic Mania (Pre-DLC)

Thread: Slight changes to leaderboards - suggestions

Started by: wersterwerster

So there are 2 things on the agenda here. I've had numerous people message me about these for a while, I've just got around to addressing them.

The first is pretty simple; there's now an (optional) variable for Tails and Knuckles runs to state whether you got the emeralds or not. Most top runs are using them at this stage, but it just makes the information easier to read without having to watch a run first. I've changed everyone's PBs to be correct (well I hope so, sorry if I got any wrong), however I had to set a default to get them to show up on the leaderboards to start with. As such all previous PBs that are now outdated have been marked as having got the emeralds. If you care, you can change that, if not, I certainly don't care to do it myself.

The second thing, is the naming of the subcategory. It's pretty safe to say there won't be any more patches to this game, and several people have voiced their displeasure with the current name. I guess it's just not fluent enough. But so before discussing the name the first thing we need to decide is; do we want the category that allows unpatched runs to allow all runs?

Currently they do, with a name like Any Version. Some people have suggested this shouldn't be the case, and they should just be separate. Given the fact that almost no one mirrors their runs for both categories (a new feature would allow this automatically some time in the future, but yall know that SRC doesn't update every day...), this seems to be the case in practice as well.

So some of the possible names would look something like:
Newest Version / Any Version (The current one)
Patched / Unpatched
V1.03 / V1.0
Patched / Any Version
V1.03 / Any Version

I don't really have a preference towards any, so just let me know what yall think and we can come to some sort of happy ending. Cheers!


Forum: Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System)

Thread: Category: All Chaos Emeralds

Started by: VeniVidiRiciVeniVidiRici

I added max special bonus to both 8-bit Sonic 1 games. For reference in the future, the forums are a pretty poor way to get attention, I know I almost never check these after getting a notification for a new topic (so new posts are pretty much never seen), and I'm probably the most active overall mod. If something like this comes up again, just hit me up through discord or some other more direct method if you want my attention. =)

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Forum: Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Thread: am i doing the rn manipulation correct?

Started by: DarknessCuberDarknessCuber

45743 is the correct frame, but you are off by 2 seconds. Add 2 seconds to the amount of time before you reset


Forum: Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Thread: Question about the new any% route

Started by: NinjaNasNinjaNas

Yeah, the year only impacts the last bit of seed generation, which is frames since reset + last 2 digits of year. As such, if you were to set your year to say 2036 instead, and just waited 1 second longer for all of the manips, it would work.


Forum: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Thread: Sub Category

Started by: Boog2TheManBoog2TheMan

No, this won't be added


Forum: Sonic the Hedgehog (GBA)

Thread: video

Started by: bogdan.mbogdan.m

No, video is required


Forum: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Thread: Steam Version

Started by: GameyRouge38GameyRouge38

Steam version is allowed, hence the PC option in consoles.

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